Brooks Laich Shirtless Body Workout, Underwear, Hot Hockey Zaddy

Brooks Laich Shirtless Body Workout, Underwear, Hot Hockey Zaddy. Today in Hot Hockey Players, we bring you retired Canadian hunk Brooks Laich who’s marriage with dancer and actress Julianne Hough has been in the news lately.

Apparently the two, who got married in July 2017 but who’ve been dating since February 2014, have parted ways. The separation was amicable and the ex-couple are on friendly terms.

Last May, they released the following joint statement announcing their split: “We have lovingly and carefully taken the time we have needed to arrive at our decision to separate. We share an abundance of love and respect for one another and will continue to lead with our hearts from that place. We kindly request your compassion and respect for our privacy moving forward.”

Now that Brooks is as free as a bird, you can ogle at his shirtless photos without a tinge of guilt. Haha. We grabbed these images from his Insta account which you might want to follow @brookslaich.

brooks laich body workout

Wow, he’s got eight pack abs.

brooks laich gay or straight

The next pic below is our favorite photo of Brooks. We know he’s just posing as one but boy does he look like a real lumberjack. For the real deal, go check out our post on Lumberjack Hunks (scroll to the bottom because the ones above are models).

brooks laich hot body - washboard abs

Oh, so this is how you sculpted your body, Mr. Laich.

brooks laich shirtless hockey hunk

We are loving the trimmed chest hair. So manly.

brooks laich shirtless hockey players

brooks laich workout body

Who’s your workout buddy?

brooks laich shirtless workout with boyfriend

Brooks and Julianne when they tied the knot.

brooks laich wedding julianne hough2

Brooks during his hockey playing days with the Los Angeles Kings.

brooks laich hockey hunk

Apart from the Kings, he also played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Washington Capitals, the Ottawa Senators as well as the Canadian junior hockey team which earned him a silver medal at the 2003 World Junior Championships.

brooks laich hot hockey player

Brooks Laich Gay or Straight? Early this year, the retired hockey player raised eyebrows when he mentioned on his podcast that he is exploring his s*xuality. Many interpreted this to mean that he is coming out of the closet but he clarified later on that that is not the case and its simply that, when he was an active hockey player, he was too focused on being an athlete.

He says, “I woke up as an athlete, wanted to train, wanted to eat, sleep, rest, perform. S*xuality was way below all of that for the majority of my life.”

Brooks Laich Underwear as Swimwear. This section is for the THOTs among us who are fans of male celebrity underwear. We screencapped these images from a video Brooks shared on Instagram where he went swimming in his underwear.

brooks laich underwear as swimwear

brooks laich underwear as swimwear2

brooks laich underwear as swimwear3

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