Brody Jenner Tattoo and Other Celebrity Tattoos

Brody Jenner Tattoo and Other Celebrity Tattoos. Looking for hot and sexy celebrity tattoos? Well, check out this compilation of our previous blog entries on five male celebrities and their tattoos. Who of these guys have cool tattoo designs that you’d like to be inked to your own body?.

brody jenner tattoo body

Brody Jenner. Hey look, hunky dude Brody Jenner got himself some tattoo (okay, okay I really don’t know when he had it so maybe this is old news hehe). But what kind of tattoo is that? Maybe he usually forgets his name so he had it tattooed on his body?

brody jenner tattoo side

Good thing he’s got a great body (he took after his dad Bruce Jenner, no doubt), so you can forgive him for his unimaginative tattoo faux-pas.

Jesse Metcalfe Tattoo: Who’s got the best, most artistic, most beautiful tattoos? Jesse Metcalfe which you can see in these pics? Brody Jenner? Or Simple Beauty’s Joel Rush?

jesse metcalfe tattoo

David Beckham: In case you are wondering, the upper text says “Romeo” and the lower one says “Cruz”, the names of his two adorable boys. We bet five dollars that “Victoria” is tattooed somewhere inside them shorts.

beckham family tattoo

Another tattoo pic of the Real God of Football which is what we sometimes call The Beckham. Who’s the girl in your tattoo, Becks? Doesn’t look like its Posh cause she’s got long hair and all.


Anyways, here’s another pic of The Beckham modeling his Giorgio Armani underwear for which he was paid something like billions of dollars. Okay, maybe not billions but he still got an obscene amount of money. Want more David Beckham?

Ethan Clarke, Male Model: Famewatchers, meet Ethan Clarke a guy with a nice smile and a ton of other names. His aka’s are: Ethan Clark, Jeremy Iten, Austin Rhodes, Filip Simcik, and Philip Simcik.

Anyways, this guy probably got the simplest but most strategically located tattoo we’ve ever seen.

ethan clarke tattoo

Logan McCree: Logan McCree is a German hunk who works in the adult film industry. We’re not liking his tattoos but he looks awesome in his jockstrap.

logan mccree tattoo

Brody Jenner Tattoo and Other Celebrity Tattoos. Posted 20 December 2008.