British Firefighters Calendar: Real Firemen Shirtless Photos

British Firefighters Calendar: Real Firemen Shirtless Photos. Is it too late for us to blog about the British Firefighter’s Calendar? Of course not. When it comes to shirtless, muscled men who are brave and heroic, it’s never too late to blog about them. Right, Kevin? We know you agree with us 100%. So let’s check out the hunky firefighters in this year’s UK Firefighters Calendar.

Naturally, we are going to begin with Mr. January, a muscled well-sculpted god named Jamie Johal. If you look at the calendar closely, it says that our Mr. January is nicknamed “Nagfuel”. What kind of nickname is that?

british firefighters calendar - jj nagfuel johal

Next up in our list is Mr. March Jamie Davis. Why do we want him to drench us with his big hose?

british firefighters calendar - jamie davis

Another muscled guy with a big hose. We love love love his short hair. Famewatchers, meet Mr. July Simon de Gruchy.

Firefighters-UK-2013-Calendar-03-simon de gruchy

Another short-haired firefighter hunk is Mr. April Andrew Petch.

Firefighters-UK-2013-Calendar-05-andrew petch

Mr. June Lee Phillips is blessed with the V-shaped upper body that a lot of you gym rats can only dream about.

Firefighters-UK-2013-Calendar-06-lee philips

Would you agree with our friend Deena that Mr. October Ryan Jones is too boyish to be a firefighter? We’d like to get wet with him that’s for sure.


Mr. December Craig Smith is ready to party. Where’s our invite Mr. December?


So do you have a favorite among these British firefighters calendar hunks? Ours would be Mr. May Denham Pope. Why, you ask? Because he’s rocking his badass tattoo. Because he’s a Pope and who does not love a pope, right? And because he reminds us of an ex-boyfriend who left us for a silly, silly accountant. Oops, maybe we should be hatin’ on Mr. May, no? Nah. It’s not his fault. Haha.

Firefighters-UK-2013-Calendar-denham pope

Too bad we don’t have the pics for the other months in the British firefighters calendar.

Question for you fellow Famewatchers: Are these guys firefighters in real life? Do real firefighters really look as good and are as gorgeous as these guys. Or are these men models posing as firefighters?

Maybe they are models who became firefighters? Your guess is as good as ours but we’d like to think that they are firefighters for real and not just “pretend” firefighters aka male models posing as firemen. Anyhoo, if you want more male calendar models? Check out these Hunky Irish Farmboys as well as these Dresden University Hunks.

British Firefighters Calendar: Real Firemen Shirtless Photos. Posted 17 January 2013. Last updated: April 20, 2020 at 16:51 pm.