Brian Williams Rolex Watch: Datejust and Daytona

Brian Williams Watch: Rolex Datejust and Rolex Daytona. Let us continue to blog about famous male celebrities spotted wearing Rolex watches and let us add the handsome news anchor aka our  TV daddy Brian Williams to the list. He is seen in the photo below wearing a Datejust.

He joins the likes of Orlando Bloom and Ari Gold as well as tennis star Ana Ivanovic in our list of celebrities who were seen wearing this particular model.

Brian Williams Rolex Datejust watch

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brian williams rolex datejust

As usual, we got curious about how the Rolex Datejust got its name, we hoped wikipedia has the answer. It does not, unfortunately. However, for the trivia fans among us, here’s an interesting trivia about the Datejust and Adolf Hitler/

From wikipedia: “Also the Datejust is famous for its nickname; “The Adolf Hitler watch.” Since the watch was worn by Adolf Hitler himself in the intense period of time World war II. However this incidental fact is hardly known in today’s day and era.”

Really? Can’t they find another world leader who wore the Datejust that they can name it for? Geeze! Anyhoo, the Datejust is reportedly the first wristwatch that boasts of a date function.

From wikipedia: “The Rolex Datejust is an officially certified, self-winding chronometer wristwatch notable for becoming the first wristwatch with a date function, in 1945. The Datejust is offered with two classic Rolex bracelets: the jubilee and the oyster. The men’s size is 36mm. In 2009, the Datejust II was released. The men’s size is 41mm diameter.”

Brian Williams’ Rolex Daytona Watch (posted 27 July 2010). Want more celebrities with Rolex Daytona watches? Here’s news anchor Brian Williams (aka our imaginary daddy boyfriend) wearing his Rolex Daytona.

brian williams rolex daytona

We’re assuming this is his wife or his significant other. If she is just a random girl, we are going to be really really jealous.

Brian Williams Watch

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