Brian Van Holt Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Brian Van Holt Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Can you rock a wetsuit when you are in your forties? As you can see in the set photos below, Cougar Town Star Brian Van Holt certainly can. But wetsuits aren’t the only thing he can rock. Our forty-something celebrity daddy can also rock him his thongs, his tighty whities, his boxer shorts, and his wrestling loinclothes.

brian van holt - wet suit - cougar town

Now that’s a fabulous dad bod.

brian van holt shirtless daddy hunk

Did we say our Brian Van Holt rocks his thong underwear? Yes we did. You want proof?

We’re told this is from the 2000 movie, Whipped, which is about three single men who talk about their sex conquests until they meet a beautiful girl they all fall for. It sounds interesting but it must have been a bad film because its gotten a pretty low rating (18%) on Rotten Tomatoes. Being the shallow gals that we are at Famewatcher, we think a movie that features a guy in his thong underwear (especially if its leopard print) should have a 100% rating. You agree, right? Want more men in thong underwear?

Anyhoo, let’s check Brian Van Holt shirtless in his underwear. Here’s our daddy hunk in his boxer shorts.

He’s wearing a pair of white boxer briefs on the set of Cougar Town.

brian van holt underwear - boxer briefs - cougar town set

In their wrestling loinclothes, Brian and co-star Ian Gomez battle to settle, once and for all, the question about who should rule Cougar Town. Oh wait, we made that up, we really don’t know why these two are wrestling as if they are sumo wrestlers. Maybe its Japan Appreciation Week or something.

brian van holt - ian gomez wrestling - japanese underwear

Does Brian Van Holt have a girlfriend? Or is he as gay as Ricky Martin? Despite his “75% gay rating” on, which is supposedly equivalent to “highly gay”, Bryan is actually straight.

Rumors linked him to his Cougar Town co-star Courteney Cox. He also dated actresses Amanda Peet and Beth Ostrosky. We do not know though if he is dating anyone at the moment.