Brian Marc Shirtless, Girlfriend, Luke Cage

Brian Marc Shirtless, Girlfriend, Luke Cage. We are updating this post to note that the actor now goes by Brian Marc, that he’s now a father of two children with wife Bonnie Shambling, that he’ll be starring in an upcoming movie called Thena, that he directed a short film about freelancing which stars Taz Skylar, and that he’s done four more acting projects since we last blogged about him — the most prominent of these projects would be The Good Doctor where he appeared in nine episodes as Dr. Enrique Guerin.

brian marc good doctor

Of course, because we know that some of you are thirsty heaux, another reason to update this post is to add these shirtless photos of our handsome Latino hunk. The first photo is screencapped from an episode of Luke Cage while the rest are from his Instagram page (follow him @briansenemarc).

brian marc shirtless in luke cage

brian marc underwear

brian marc shirtless model

brian marc shirtless

brian marc tank top athletic shirt

In closing, here are photos of Brian and wife (maybe girlfriend?) Bonnie Shambling attending the premiere of his 2019 movie Kill Team at the Tribeca Film Festival as well as the premiere of the Sell By movie at Outfest Film Festival:

brian marc girlfriend bonnie shambling at tribeca film festival 2019 - kill team premiere

brian marc wife

Brian Sene Marc Shirtless, Girlfriend, Luke Cage and Other Stuff (8 November 2016). Who is the cute, up-to-no-good, but totally shaggable barbershop aide on Luke Cage? The character’s name is Chico Diaz but the actor playing the role is Brian Sene Marc. Brian may be a newbie in the acting world but he’s been in the music biz for some time as one half of the R&B electro duo denetia and sene.

Here’s a pic of the twosome:

brian sene marc denitia and sene

To date, Brian has four acting credits according to his IMDB page. Aside from Luke Cage, his other acting gigs include Nerve, Major Crimes, and White Girl where he plays the lead male character.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he will continue to pursue an acting career because he seems to have the talent for it. Oh, and he registers well on the screen too.

Brian Sene Marc Shirtless Photos. For those of you looking for shirtless photos of our Latino cutie. Is he Latino? We are gonna assume that he is unless told otherwise. Anyhoo, here’s a shirtless pic of our Brian.

brian sene marc shirtless

Now, we are really not fans of smoking but we gotta say that Brian is smokin’ hot in the photo above!

brian sene marc shirtless body

Is Brian Sene Marc Gay or Straight? He is most likely straight but, according to our friend Kevin, the next pic below is giving him some gaydar vibes. We gotta say though that Kevin’s gaydar is only 50% correct which is a bad batting average for a gay guy. Right, Kev? Your signal detector needs some updating and finessing.

brian sene marc gay or straight

Let’s end this post with some info on whether you should call him Brian or Sene (via Interview Magazine):

That’s the big question. I introduce myself as Brian and people are like, “Why?” My friend Chris McQueen was visiting from Texas; he’s in this group Snarky Puppy and they were in New York. They’re awesome. They’re up for a consecutive Grammy this year. They won last year. He brought someone, and I said, “Hi, I’m Brian.” Chris came over to me, “Why did you say your name was Brian?” “Because my name is Brian.” And he was like, “Ohhhh.” He walked away and came right back, “Can I still call you Sene?” I guess I don’t take myself seriously enough to be like, “You have to call me this.” I know some people that are like that and more power to them, but I don’t think about it. I don’t lie in bed at night going, “People should really call me this.” All my friends call me Sene. I think sometimes it sounds funny to people who don’t know me, so I say, “Oh, I’m Brian.”

That’s it for now fellow Famewatchers!

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