Brian Justin Crum Boyfriend and Shirtless Photos

Brian Justin Crum Boyfriend, Shirtless, and America’s Got Talent Audition. Who wants some update on the singer with the World’s Best Chest Hair? Of course you do! Well, if you are a fan of “celebrity chest hair” which a significant number of Famewatchers are, you will be happy to know that the AGT reality star continues to keep himself naturally hirsute. You want proof? Check out this image we grabbed from his Instagram page (follow him @brianjustincrum):

brian justin crum shirtless

On the relationship front, Brian is dating boyfriend Samer Fawaz who, per his Insta page, is a marriage and family therapist. They look good together, don’t they?

brian justin crum boyfriend Samer Fawaz

Finally, here’s the AGT star singing in his underoos with his pals. We screencapped this from an infomercial for for Cheap Undies.

brian justin crum underwear for cheapundies

brian justin crum underwear for cheapundies2

brian justin crum underwear model

Brian Justin Crum Boyfriend (30 June 2016). Today in celebrity chest hair, we bring you Brian Justin Crum’s fabulous chest hair, his boyfriend (who is also not lacking in the hair department) and, most importantly, his audition on America’s Got Talent.

In fact, let’s begin with Brian’s audition because everybody is talking about it. He’s really good isn’t he? The reaction of the crowd is just electric. We can’t wait to see more of his performances on the show. Watch and enjoy:

So when we learned from the above video that Brian is gay the first thing that came to mind was, “So who is the lucky Brian Justin Crum boyfriend?” Fortunately, we did not have to work hard finding out the info as Brian has pics of him and his beau. Check ’em out.

Follow Brian on Instagram (@brianjustincrum) if you want to see more.

Now, the lucky Brian Justin Crum boyfriend is Blake Peyrot. He is in the entertainment biz too. And, in fact, he already has eight acting credits to his name on IMDB. This includes the funny pro-gay marriage video, Gay Men Will Marry Your Boyfriend, which went viral in 2012.

So here’s Brian and boyfriend Blake.

brian justin crum gay boyfriend blake peyrot

Another photo of the lovebirds but, this time, in their shirtless glory.

brian justin crum boyfriend

And here’s a third one. These two sure have a sense of humor.

brian justin crum boyfriend blake peyrot

Brian Justin Crum Shirtless Photos. Now, let’s check out Brian’s chest hair, shall we?

brian justin crum chest hair

Wowza. Who’s got the sexier chest hair, Brian or our imaginary DWTS/ANTM boyfriend Nyle di Marco? It’s hard to pick, to be honest. So we are calling it a tie. Now, if you still haven’t seen Nyle’s go see ’em in our post on Men With Hairy Chest.

brian justin crum shirtless body

In conclusion, be assured fellow Famewatchers that we will keep you updated on Brian’s journey. Singers have not won in the past four seasons of America’s Got Talent, so it would be cool if Brian wins the whole shebang this season.

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