Brian J Smith Gay or Straight? Boxers Underwear

Brian J Smith Gay or Straight? Is American actor Brian J Smith gay or straight? Hmm. We actually have no answer for this one. We thought he’s straight and married but it turns out he’s not and we it turns out too that we were thinking of another actor. Now, Brian has played lots of gay roles and, in a 2009 interview with Joseph Malozzi, says he has no problem with getting typecast for such roles:

You’ve played a few gay characters, both on stage in “Three Changes” and in film in “Hate Crime” and “The War Boys”. Some actors have spoken about the difficulties in playing gay characters, in particularly when it comes to intimate scenes with male co-stars. How did you approach these parts and did you experience difficulty with them? Did you have any fear of maybe becoming type cast?

BJS: Hey you forgot one – I also played a closeted gay character in Good Boys And True, at Second Stage in NY! I fell in love with those characters and their predicaments. It’s very rich territory, playing a young man who can’t be himself. And very sad. Again, I don’t like how a lot of writers portray young men my age, but those characters actually experienced life in a deep way as opposed to going out and making things miserable for other people. Well, maybe with the exception of ‘Three Changes’, but that was too much fun to pass up.:) I hope I continue to get type-cast if the roles are this interesting.

Currently, Bryan is one of the lead actors of the Netflix hit Sense8 and he and the cast joined the Pride March in Brazil where they went kissy kissy. Hehe.

Here’s Brian J Smith gay kissing Max Riemelt.

brian j smith gay kiss max riemelt2

Brian with co-star Miguel Angel Silvestre.

brian j smith gay kiss miguel silvestre sense8 hunks

Damn! These two sure look together, don’t they?

brian j smith gay kiss miguel silvestre sense8-4

A shirtless Brian J. with co-stars Tuppence Middleton and Doona Bae.

brian j smith shirtless sense8

For those of you wondering about Brian’s underwear preference. Apparently, he loves him his boxer shorts underwear.

brian j smith underwear

UPDATE: We have the answer on the Bryan J Smith gay or straight question straight from the horse’s mouth. Here’s what he said on Twitter: @StepanovSergey sure I like guys, just not in that way. :)

Okay. The matter is settled.

UPDATE 2: A poster on Datalounge says Bryan J dated a CBS Morning News producer named Kevin Price. Here are some pics of the two.

brian j smith gay boyfriend is kevin price or not

Are these photos proof of anything? Well, it’s proof that they posed for some pics together is what it is. Is it proof that they dated? Nah, not really!