Brett Stewart Shirtless, Gods of Football, Rugby Six Pack Abs

Brett Stewart Speedo and Kinda Gay Shower With David Williams. Hehe. We don’t know what Deena will think about his dreamboy sharing a shower and being a massage buddy of fellow rugby hunk David Williams.

brett stewart gay with david williams shower

Oh we know Deena loves the Speedo part.

brett stewart hot speedo body

She should also love the shower part.

brett stewart shirtless shower with david williams

It’s the massage part she might not like. Hehe.

brett stewart speedo

Update: We heard from Deena and she says she does not mind that Brett and David are shower massage buddies.


Brett Stewart Six Pack Abs Update. Let’s add rugby player Brett Stewart to our list of men with six pack ab muscles. He sure has some washboard but do you think his is better than Brandon Hupp’s?

First Post: Brett Stewart Gods of Football Calendar Model. Hey, we didn’t realize that Brett Stewart, the rugby player who Deena has a crush on, was featured in the Gods of Football aka Dieux du Stade calendar. Here you go, Deena, it’s a picture of your dream boy in briefs underwear.

brett stewart gods of football dieux du stade

We’re pretty sure Deena will be very happy when she sees the above pic.


How would you describe yourself in a personals ad?
I’m cheeky, sarcastic and my nickname is Snake. Read into it what you will.

What three things do you look for in a partner?
A sense of humour, size 7 shoes and a nice smile

What would you do on your ideal date?
Nothing too energetic – a feed, a movie and see what happens from there

Sex or Football – what’s better?
Can I pick both? Watch one while doing the other?

Most embarrassing thing a fan has ever asked you to do?
Pulled a boob out and asked me to sign it. I think it was the same girl that asked Coops. She pulled it out before she asked and I didn’t know where to look

Favorite sport other than footy?
Lawn bowls

What’s it like getting naked in front of a camera? (And would you do it again?)
I was shy at first but the Japanese tourist boat that was watching gave me a good cheer!

Your favourite part of your body is?

How do you feel about being named a ‘God of Football?
It’s a pleasure. I feel terribly proud and honoured and would like to thank all my fans, especially those in the Himalayas for nominating me for this prestigious title

What does sexy mean to you?
Looking good without even trying

Do you think you’re sexy?

Do you have a pair of lucky undies?
Yes, they’re white

What’s your worst dressed moment ever?
I wear lots of different colours like pinks…

Do you moisturize?
Never… Well ok, yes I do. Living Nature and adidas Action Skincare are my friends

Who’s the vainest person on your team?
Anthony Watmough

Clean shaven, stubble or beard? What do you prefer?

Do you have a favourite photo?
A photo of all the boys when we wer packing up to leave Wollongong and go to Manly. We had a bit of a party

If you could have your photo taken with anyone, who would it be?
My kids when I have them in the future

What’s your most action-packed moment ever?

Don’t have one

Intensive, sensitive, Fresh or Control? Which best describes you?
All of the above

If you were meal, what would you be?
Steak – medium cooked

What can’t you live without?
My heart

Tell me something most people don’t know about you.
If I wanted them to know they would

What’s your favourite…
Movie: Any Naked Gun film
Place: Huskisson
Music: Easy listening

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