Bret Michaels Shirtless: His Abs Are Better Than Yours

Bret Michaels Shirtless, Speedo, Masked Singer. Our OCD is “forcing” us to update our posts from a decade ago so here’s an update for the lovable rouge that is Bret Michaels? What is he doing now, you ask?

Well, the Poison singer — who is ranked by the Hit Parader magazine as the Hit Parader ranked at #40 on their list of greatest Heavy metal singers of all-time — appeared in the hit TV show Masked Singer on Fox. He competed as the Banana and ranked 7th among the 18 contestants on the show. Not a bad showing, eh?

bret michaels banana masked singer

Because we know that a lot of Famewatchers are fans of shirtless celebs, here are more shirtless photos of Bret from when he was one and 20 (or around that age anyway):

bret michaels speedo

bret michaels shirtless hot and young

Want more celebrity washboard abs?

bret michaels playgirl

bret michaels hot in jeans

bret michaels abs shirtless body

Bret Michaels Shirtless: His Abs Are Better Than Yours (12 April 2009). Say what you will about Bret Michaels — he’s a bit of a douchebag, he’s got a silly long blond hair, etc, etc — but you gotta admit that he’s got great abs. Well, at least he’s got them six-pack washboard in the photo above. If you’re jealous of this guy’s good fortune, pray that he develops a paunch already. You’re bad! You, jealous, you.

Brett Michaels shirtless hot hunk

Bret, for those of you who are not familiar with him, is an American rocker and lead vocalist for the band, Poison. Outside of the music business, we guess you could say that he is most famous for his scandalous sex video with Pamela Anderson. The release of the tape via the internets is probably one of the defining moments of the internets. Defining moment? Really? Okay, maybe not really but the Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels tape was a heck of a big thing back then.

Aside from his video tape with Pamela and his music career, Bret is also famous for his hit reality shows which features some really skanky girls competing for his love (and the right to date and bed him, hehe). Don’t laugh now silly, you may call him a douchebag and all, but he is pretty popular with the skanky girl demographic.

Bret Michaels Shirtless: His Abs Are Better Than Yours. Posted 12 April 2009. Last updated: July 11, 2020 at 6:20 am.