Brett Eldredge Shirtless Country Singer: Gay or Girlfriend?

Brett Eldredge Shirtless Photos. Who is the lucky guy sleeping near the beach? His name, fellow Famewatchers, is Brett Eldredge. He is a country singer who, after only five years in the biz, already has four number one singles on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Brett Eldredge hot body shirtless

Moreover, Brett’s first album, Bring You Back, has gone gold. While his second album released last year, Illinois, peaked at number one on the country chart. Surely, the second album is on its way towards another gold certification.

Brett’s family have been very supportive of his career. Brad talks about the backing he got from his parents in this interview with Taste of Country:

My parents were there from the very first day. They were throwing speakers in the back of a minivan to take me to play at the local cafe in town, or whatever was going on — just little events — anywhere I could go sing. I remember one time I was going to some kind of audition and my mom and dad and I were sleeping on the rooftop of a parking garage while it was drizzling rain and it was freezing. They’ve been there from day one, and they knew this is what I want to do and really believed in me 100 percent.

For those of you who want another Brett Eldredge shirtless photo. He sure is fit, isn’t he?

Brett Eldredge shirtless

How did he get that toned body? Maybe its his genes. Probably by working out. But we think its due to a combination of the two. You’ve got the genes. And then you work out. Consequently you have a body like Brett.

Anyhoo, here’s our country hunk working out with a friend.

brett eldredge shirtless country singer

We know he is a country boy because he does not mind feeding the pigs. He deserves some point from us for raising free range pigs, no?

Brett Eldredge shirtless2

Is Brett Eldredge Gay or Straight? His V-Neck shirt will probably mislead you to think that Brett is gay but he is actually straight.

Brett eldredge gay or straight

He dated Victoria’s Secret model Rachel Hilbert according to country radio, WYRK. They have since gone their separate ways.

Brett Eldredge underwear - boxer shorts

So Brett is single and available for the taking. And, apparently, grandmoms want him to be their grandson-in-law. Here’s Brett talking about his single life on America’s Morning Show:

“It is funny you know some girls will introduce me to their mom or whatever or their mom will be like, ‘I need you to meet my daughter she’d be perfect for you.’ It’s so funny for me because I mean I’d love to meet their daughter I mean you know you never know. But I’m being single right now just taking my time and trying to find the right thing… But it is always interesting to see how people introduce… I’ll meet somebody’s grandma and she’ll go, ‘You need to meet my granddaughter’ so, it’s funny and I love meeting people like that.”

Finally, let’s end this post with this photo of Brett looking like the younger brother (or younger version) of actor Damian Lewis.

brett eldredge sexy3

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