Brent Everett Real Name, Shirtless Abs, and Tank Top Model

Brent Everett Real Name and Shirtless Abs. Huh, did you know that the real name of our favorite Canadian hottie is Dustin Germaine? We only found this out an hour ago and it spurred a debate among your resident Famewtchers.

We hope you’ll help us settle the debate by answering this question: Is Brent a Dustin? Does he look like a Dustin? Does he embody a Dustin?

Now, Kevin insists that Mr. Everett is totally not a Dustin. To him, Dustins are funny but not hunky. In his mind, Dustins are like Dustin Hoffman as well as that hilarious and love-struck techie on Stranger Things. What’s his name, Dustin Henderson?

Meanwhile, your other Famewatchers — i.e., yours truly and Deena — believe that Brent is totally a Dustin because Dustins can be pretty boys too. Like, you know, America’s Next Top Model contestant Dustin McNeer, country singer Dustin Lynch, and TikTok personality Dustin Bryant. All these Dustins belong to the same tribe as Brent in the sense that they’re the kind of guys we’d like to bring home to mama.

Anyhoo, here are more photos of Brent Everett aka Dustin Germaine:

brent everett tank top shirt

We sure love guys who look great in tank top shirts.

brent everett hot tank top shirts

And here’s another one:

brent everett real name

Clearly, we are not the only one’s enamored with Brent’s washboard abs.

brent everett update whats he doing now

Chillin’ with drag queens Shea Coulee and Sasha Velour:

brent everett abs - with sasha velour and shea coulee - price caldary

Want more hot Canadian men?

brent everett big guns in torn jeans and little shirt

Our Brent under the blue Canadian sky chilling in hoodie and jeans.

brent everett real name Dustin Germaine

Brent Everett and Chase McKenzie: Canadian Bromance (28 January 2009). Awww. How sweet. Brent Everett and Chase McKenzie sitting on a tree. Nice, guys. Unfortunately, we can’t show more of whatever they’re going to do on the couch here.

But if you want to see more male celebrities, athletes, actors, and guys making out, then you should click here. Now, if you want more of Canadian hunk Brent, check out his video at the Calgary Tower below. But here’s a shirtless photo of Chase for those of you Chase fans. [Update: Sorry, we had to delete the photos.]

Brent Everett Video: Calgary Tower Sight (17 December 2008). Canadian hottie Brent Everett visits the Calgary Tower. I haven’t been there but I was up Toronto’s CN Tower several times.

The CN tower is much much taller than this one. So my tower is taller than your tower eh, Brent?

Brent Everett Athletic Shirt (23 November 2008). Here’s a Canadian dude, Brent Everett, whose lips look like Angelina Jolie’s. Seriously. Brad Pitt will feel at home kissing him, eh? Hehe. Hey Brent, we love love love your white tank top shirt.

And we love your Calvin Klein undies too. But what are you doing dropping your pants in what looks like a green field? Are you doing that because you want to show us your Calvin Kleins? Interessant.

brent everett modeling athletic shirt

Want more jeans and tank top fashion?

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