Brazilian Samba Dancers: Rio Carnival Girls Photos and Videos

Brazilian Samba Dancers: Rio Carnival Girls Photos and Videos (throwback post, originally published 24 February 2009). Wow. Just Wow. That’s all we can say of these Brazilian samba girls. They’re fabulous and gorgeous and hot as hell and, well, let’s just say that they take our breath away and leave us speechless.

We always heard about the Rio Carnival but we always thought of it as a, you know, local street festival happening in Brazil. Thanks to the internet for revealing to us the grandness of the event and the gorgeousness of the samba girls. We’re mind blown is what we are.

brazil samba dancers2

More photos of Brazilian samba dancers at the Rio Carnival below.

brazil samba dancers

brazil samba dancers no clothes4

brazil samba dancers no clothes3

brazil samba dancers no clothes

Viviane Castro is Rio Carnival Queen . Aha. This if for those of you who are looking for more dancers at the Rio Carnival. This is Carnival Queen Viviane Castro who went the “no clothes” route. She body painted herself so it doesn’t look like she’s wearing nothing at all. Amazing. Good for you, Viviane! And long live the Carnival Queen!

brazil nude carnival queen vivianecastro

Globo TV Video: Rio Carnaval. You gotta hand it to our Brazilian friends, they really know how to party. Our friends Kiltner and Barbara are actually in Rio during these festivities so we are, naturally, jealous of them. But we are also looking forward to listening to their stories, watching their videos, and looking at their pictures. Have fun Kilt and Babs.

Rio Carnival French Tribute Video. Now, this is the kind of video that makes us wish we are in Rio enjoying the carnival. Who knows, maybe we will be there in the coming years. Anyways, this video clip is reportedly a French tribute video. Enjoy!

Kids at the Rio Carnival in Brazil. Of course the Rio festivities isn’t only for adults. It’s also for children too. In fact, we’d like to think that festivals like this are really more for children, the child-at-heart, and our inner child. It’s great to see these children participating and enjoying the celebrations.

Gay Parade at the Rio Festival. Can there be a festival without the gays? Of course not. In fact, there will be NO festival if the gays ain’t there. Go, Rio gays. Here’s a video for those of you looking for the gay and lesbian presence during the Rio Carnival celebrations.

Opening Night. Opening night of the Rio Carnival in Brazil. Didn’t we say that our Brazilian friends really know how to party? Well, it bears repeating, doesn’t it? You want more amazing carnival pictures don’t you?

Vanguard Commission brazilian samba dancers

Porto da Pedra brazilian samba dancer

Mocidade Brazilian samba dancers

2020 Update: Unfortunately, the videos mentioned in our earlier post above are now gone off Youtube. But here’s a video from the 2019 Rio Carnival. We remain really, really impressed with this event and are keeping our fingers crossed that we will see it in person someday.

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