Brandon Andreen Shirtless and Peekabo Underwear: Bachelorette Model Hunk

Brandon Andreen Shirtless and Peekabo Underwear: Bachelorette Model Hunk. It’s time to check out another The Bachelorette contestant and this time we’re bringing you Ham Lake, Minnesota native Brandon Andreen who is now based in Los Angeles.

brandon andreen modeling photo

Here are some interesting things you might want to know about him:

1. He is a model. His profile on gives us his model stats as follows:

  • race: Caucasian
  • hair: Brown
  • eyes: Green (his profile says his eyes are blue so maybe he has heterochromia)
  • height: 6′ 2″
  • suit: 42 L
  • neck: 16.0
  • sleeve: 36
  • waist: 34
  • inseam: 34
  • shoe: 12.0

Of course, we can’t mention that he is a model without giving you some modeling pics, right? Check him out going shirtless. Nice abs.

brandon andreen shirtless underwear peekabo - model

2. Aside from modeling, he also worked (still works?) as an Account Executive for US Internet. US Internet, it turns out, is the name of an ISP company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

3. He is a shouty kind of guy. Hehe. At least in the zipline video below which he uploaded on Youtube.

4. He’s got a really nice chin dimple. Is it true that chin dimples are an invitation for a kiss?

brandon andreen gay vneck shirt - bachelorette

5. He should never ever ever wear a hoodie because it makes him look creepy.

brandon andreen model hunk

6. Apparently, he is close enough to reality starlet Lauren Conrad to have a picture taken with her.

brandon andreen with lauren conrad

7. He was engaged to a girl named Holly Swenson. For some reason, it did not work out otherwise he won’t be looking for love on The Bachelorette.

brandon andreen ex girlfriend Holly Swenson

8. In 2008, when he was 21 years old, our Brandon was arrested for driving after his license was revoked. He sure is still lookin’ good in his mugshot.

brandon andreen mugshot - arrested - bachelorette

Awww. We just love his chin dimple. Did we mention that it’s supposedly an invitation for a kiss? Yeah, we know we did but it is worth repeating.

9. He looks sexy in short shorts.

brandon andreen sexy hunk in short shorts

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