Brad Pitt RayBan Sunglasses and Other Eyewear

Brad Pitt RayBan Sunglasses and Other Eyewear (Posted 27 November 2010). Want more celebrity Ray Ban sunglasses? Here’s Hollywood A-Lister Brad Pitt looking glam in his RayBan 3025 Sunglasses which, if you remember one of our previous posts, is one of the RayBan Aviator glasses worn by another A-Lister, XMen’s Hugh Jackman.

brad pitt rayban aviator sunglasses

More photos of Brad rocking his RayBan 3025 below.

brad pitt rayban 3025 aviator sunglasses

Tom Ford Hunter Sunglasses: Brad Pitt Eyewear
28 November 2010

Let’s continue blogging about Brad Pitt and his fashion style, shall we? Please tell us you’re not bored with Brad yet.

Oh come on, he’s probably the most gorgeous man in Hollywood, how can one be bored with him?

Anyhoo, our Brad is wearing a pair of Tom Ford Hunter sunglasses in the above pic. Take a closer look at a Tom Ford Hunter.

Here’s another pic of Brad wearing another Tom Ford eyewear. It’s supposedly called Tom Ford John. Don’t ask us why its called “John”. How designers name their “creations” is beyond us. Hehehe.

Want more male celebrity sunglasses? Or check out the other brands of sunglasses that Brad Pitt wears.

Dita Ambassador Sunglasses for Men
01 December 2010

celebrities wearing dita ambassador sunglasses

Hello Brad Pitt, are you waving at us? How cool of you to notice us commoners. Hehe. But truth be told, even though you are a Hollywood royalty, we must admit that we’re more interested in your eyewear than in you. Hehehe.

Thing is, our friend Kevin is insisting that its RayBan while we think its not. So can you please settle the matter by telling us what brand of eyewear you’re wearing? What? Did you say its Dita Ambassador Sunglasses? Thank you very much. So its not a RayBan.

See Kevin, we toldjah!

Prada 54Hs Sunglasses on Brad Pitt
07 December 2010

Prada 54Hs sunglasses on brad pitt - celebrities wearing prada eyewear

Can’t get enough of Brad Pitt’s sunglasses? We certainly don’t blame you because he keeps things interesting by wearing different brands. In the above photo for instance, our Hollywood A-Lister is wearing a pair of Prada 54Hs Sunglasses.

Brad Pitt RayBan Sunglasses and Other Eyewear Brands. First posted 27 November 2010. Updated 8 May 2017.