Brad Pitt Jeans Brand of Choice: Edwin Jeans, Rag Bones, 4Stroke Denims

Brad Pitt Jeans Brand of Choice: Edwin Jeans, Rag Bones, 4Stroke Denims. Brad Pitt models a pair of Edwin jeans. Brad truly is an international image model isn’t he? He’s made to promote Softbank phones in Japan and now here’s our Brad modeling a pair of European denim jeans.

Earlier, because his head looks like its photoshopped with the rest of the image, we mistakenly thought this was a fake advertisement like the Beckham USA Selikon fake ads but it turns out that this is for realz.

brad pitt jeans - edwin japanese jeans

Want more hot men in jeans?

brad pitt edwin jeans

UPDATE: Oops, it turns out that we got our facts wrong. Edwin Jeans is actually a Japanese brand which has found a market in Europe. So Edwin Jeans is like the Evisu jeans we earlier blogged about in that they are both Japanese brands.

And you thought our Japanese friends only produce great cars and tech goods, huh? Want more Brad Pitt jeans? Check out our updates below:

Brad Pitt Wears 4 Stroke Warsaw Jeans (posted 19 November 2010). What other brands of jeans does Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt wear? In these photos, our Brad is wearing a pair of 4 Stroke jeans in Warsaw-Arrestyourself style. Intriguing name for a trouser, no?

Celebrity actors wearing 4stroke warsaw jeans

Anyhoo, here are more pics of Brad in his 4 Stroke Arrestyourself jeans.

brad pitt jeans brand

brad pitt jeans arrestyourself

Brad Pitt Jeans Watch: PRPS Impala Jeans (posted 24 November 2010). If you think we’re gonna let the day pass without blogging about Brad Pitt, well you’re mistaken. We’re all about Brad Pitt’s fashion style this week so here’s our Brad post of the day. What’s that pre-faded jeans he’s wearing, you ask? That, fellow Brad fashion watcher, is a pair of PRPS Impala jeans.

brad pitt jeans collection prps impala

PRPS is another fairly new luxury denim brand (established in 2003) which looks like it has somehow managed to snag celebrities to wear their brand.

brad pitt jeans style prps impala

A closer look at the PRPS Impala jeans.

brad pitt jeans fashion picks

Where you heading off to, Mr. Pitt?

brad pitt jeans prps impala

Brad Pitt Jeans Wardrobe Collection: Rag and Bones Jeans (30 November 2010). In the next photo below, the Bra in Brangelina is wearing a pair of Rag and Bones fit slim jeans.

celebrities wearing rag and bone menswear - brad pitt jeans

This is Brad’s Rag and Bones.

blue jeans - celebrities wearing rag and bone denim fashion

That’s it for now, fellow JeansWatchers. Check out for Part II of Brad’s jeans outfits in the future.

Brad Pitt Jeans Brand of Choice: Edwin Jeans, Rag Bones, 4Stroke Denims. Posted 17 September 2009. Last updated: August 31, 2020 at 6:17 am.