Boys Leather Jacket: Teen Celebrity Edition

Boys Leather Jacket Celebrity Edition Update. Nearly ten years later, we are updating this post to give you more famous teen male celebrities rocking their leather jackets. Who of them have the best outfit of them all? Well, that’s always on the eye of the beholder, ain’t it. Anyhoo, let’s begin with Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp rocking this Fendi Roma leather jacket during the premiere of his hit Netflix series in July this year:

boys leather jacket - noah schnapp - stranger things

Now, let’s check out then 16 years old Jaden Smith looking cool in his Louis Vuitton 2016 spring collection.

teen boys leather jacket jaden smith louis vuitton

Finally, the Beckham boys Brooklyn and Romeo coordinated their outfits — black leather jacket, greyish t-shirt, and gray jeans — when they attended a Star Wars premiere back in 2016.

teen boys leather jacket beckham boys brookly and romeo

Boys Leather Jacket: Teen Celebrity Edition (19 November 2009). If you think all we do here lately is blog about them Irish twins John and Edward Grimes, well you are right. Why are we blogging about them so much? Well, let us count the ways:

  1. They’re very entertaining. Say what you will about whether they can sing but you gotta admit that they are pretty good entertainers.
  2. They annoy the hell out of Simon Cowell and we, generally, love those who annoy the hell out of The Simon.
  3. Fashion wise, they keep doing stuff that we like to blog about.


Like for instance, we want to blog about teen boys in skinny jeans, lo and behold the boys dress up in skinny jeans. Then we wanted to blog about teens in leather jacket, lo and behold again one of them wears a leather jacket.

So why won’t we blog about them? To use the words of Kathy Griffin, they are a gift from the baby Jesus — at least for bloggers like us who like to blog about teen fashion.

Anyhoo, want more male celebrities in leather jacket? Check out Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, Chris Brown, Taylor Lautner, Matt Lanter, Tom Brady, and Chace Crawford.