Boys in Suits: Young Celebrities Rock Their Suit and Tie

Boys in Suits. Looking for tips on the best kind of suit for yourself or the young man you are buying the suit for? Well, first of all, there’s only one tip when it comes to men’s suits: find the right fit! Boys in suits look great if their outfit is neither too tight nor too loose. So buy a suit that fits the body well. Better yet, get it tailored. A custom-made bespoke suit is your best bet because it is made according to the person’s specific measurements.

Anyhoo, here are some famous boys in suits. Who of them got their fit right? And who of them are wearing an ill-fitting suit.

First of all, here’s American Idol winner Scotty McCreery.

scotty mccreery suit2

Another young boy in suit: a much younger Zac Efron rocks his suit and tie combo.


Up and coming Hollywood actor John Boyega sure is looking awesome cool in his suit.

john boyega hot suit2

You would probably not put Buster Posey in a post called boys in suits but we are still including him here to illustrate a point. On one side, he’s dressed in a suit that’s just too loosey goosey. On another side, he wears a suit that seems to fit him nicely. In which suit is he better looking?

buster posey fit suit vs large suit

Another boy who looks great in his suit is Brooklyn Beckham. Either his dad David taught Brooklyn how to dress well. Or he may simply have the sharpdresser gene. If there’s such a gene, that is.

boys in suits - brooklyn beckham

Last but not the least in our list of good looking boys in suits is Canadian singer Shawn Mendes. He wowed fashion critics when he wore this Balenciaga suit to the recent Billboard Music Awards.

boys in suits - shawn mendes in balenciaga

So which of these young male celebrities rocked their suit and tie? Actually, all of them did. Well, maybe not Buster on his left photo.

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