Bon Jovi Shirtless, Underwear, and Versace Model

Bon Jovi Shirtless, Underwear, and Versace Model. Want more male celebrities in short pants? Well, here are some beach photos of one of our favorite singers Jon Bon Jovi which is setting the internet world atwitter because …. well, because if you supposedly look closely at his shorts, you will supposedly see him down there.

bon jovi hot

What do you think?

Anyhoo, its nice to see our singing idol doing some physical stuff. Maybe running around the beach (in his Adidas shoes) is his secret for always looking young? That and the US$ 50 millions he made last year. Go, Bon Jovi! We love you and your music.

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UPDATE: Jon Bon Jovi’s Versace¬†Modeling Photos
22 August 2011

Hey, did you know that sometime in the 1990s Jon Bon Jovi was the celebrity model for Versace? We didn’t know that either until we came across these delightful pics of our American rock star modeling for the Versace Spring/Summer 1997 Menswear Collection.

Did we say delightful? Check out our Bon Jovi lead singer covering his modesty with a Tommy Hilfiger white underwear. Update: Sorry, we had to remove the photo.

A closer look at Bon Jovi shirtless with a sarong to hide his modesty. So our Jon did this sarong thing long before Beckham was snapped wearing his sarong.¬†Of course, the men of Asia have been “saronging” for centuries before the west discovered the garment.

bon jovi sarong versace

Does our Jon really have that thin a waist? He looks like a female model with bulimic issues in the photo below, no?


Bon Jovi vs. Joe Krause: Give Me My Ring!
15 February 2009

Our imaginary singer boyfriend Jon Bon Jovi is suing someone who allegedly infringed on his rings. Yeah, rings. The Daily Star reports: ” Rocker JON BON JOVI is suing a former employee of his American football team Philadelphia Soul, accusing the man of copyright infringement. The Arena Football League (AFL) team were crowned champions in 2008 and each player was given a special ring to commemorate the occasion.”

The news report adds: “The Bon Jovi frontman and officials at Philadelphia Soul claim ex-sales manager Joe Krause illegally made his own version of the championship rings and sold them on to the public. In the legal papers, filed in a U.S. court on Thursday (12Feb09), the team owners allege the design of the ring belongs to them, as well as any use of the team logo.”

Since we are not versed on copyright law and that kind of stuff, we don’t know whether our boyfriend will win this case or not. Maybe there are some legal experts among you who can enlighten us on this case. Anyone?

Bon Jovi Shirtless, Underwear, and Versace Model. Posted 25 April 2010. Updated 1 June 2017.