Body Sculpting Shirts for Men: Tips for Men With Beer Belly

Body Sculpting Shirt For Men. You have a beer belly like this guy? Then how should you dress up to hide the bulge? Well, dude, get yourself a body sculpting shirt like the white tee he’s wearing in the middle photo. Avoid the shirt that emphasizes your big belly unless you want to look this photo of female-to-male transgender, Thomas Beatie, who got himself pregnant.

body sculpting shirt for men with big bellies - asda

But then again, maybe Oprah will invite you to her show when she does an episode about men and their beer bellies. So maybe it ain’t so bad if you want to “show off” your big gut, eh?

body sculpting shirt for men tip and guide

So where does one buy a body sculpting shirt for men? Well, here are some brands you might want to check out. We are pretty sure you can find them in the men’s section of your department store. Of course, you can always find them online:

Equmen Body Sculpting Shirt for Men. The Equmen Core Precision shirt is supposedly designed to make 50 year old dudes look 10-20 years younger. To be fair, it’s got some good reviews from people who tried it to see whether it is as good as it claims.

body sculpting shirts for men - equmen core precision shirt

Waist Eliminator by Go Softwear. You may not have heard of Go Softwear but this men’s apparel brand has been making men’s underwear and swimwear since 1996. It’s waist eliminator actually looks cool, no?

body sculpting shirt for men waist eliminator

Spanx For Men. You are mistaken if you think Spanx is only for women. It’s also been making body sculpting shirt for men. Check this out.

body sculpting shirt for men spanx

Leonisa Body Toner. This Leo Torso Toner Body Shaper for Men (available at will help you lose up to 2 sizes in your belly! This Leo men’s compression shaper helps flatten and tone the abdomen, chest and back. Provides back control, support and posture correction. Stretchable powernet provides firm control and contouring. Perfect to wear daily or after a surgical procedure.

body sculpting shirt for men - leo torso toner

So what do you think of the above body sculpting shirt for men? Pretty cool, huh? Now, these outfits will help you hide the bulge but it is still best — healthwise — if you actually lose the bulge through good diet and exercise. You agree, right?

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