Blue Hamilton Shirtless, Underwear, Cowboy

Blue Hamilton Shirtless, Underwear, Cowboy. We’ve already blogged about his husband Matt Dallas, now let us check out singer Blue Hamilton’s gorgeousness, shall we?

By the way, did you know that he is a horse-ridin’ cowboy? Well, actually, we don’t know about him being a cowboy but we do know that he knows how to ride a horse which cannot be said for a lot of Hollywood celebrities. Or a lot of men for that matter.

Our hubby has a point though when he says, “Why are you judging men about their horse-riding abilities? There’s no need to learn how to ride a horse when you have a car sitting there in the garage.”

blue hamilton cowboy - horseback riding nelson

Well, that may be true but, to us, a man’s hotness score doubles when we see him riding a horse. Haha. So, in our eyes, Blue Hamilton is two times hotter than his movie star husband.

blue hamilton horse nelson skye

For those wondering the name of Blue’s horse is Nelson Skye. You can see more of Nelson on Blue’s Insta which you might want to follow @bluehamilton.

blue hamilton domestic cowboy life husband matt dallas

Now, not only does Blue know how to ride a horse, he also knows how to be a handyman around the house.

blue hamilton handy man

Blue Hamilton Shirtless and Underwear Photos. As you ogle at Blue’s shirtless body, we’d like to share with you some fun facts about the guy to make things more interesting. Hehe. First, did you know that he was an executive with the Warner Music Group before he became a singer?

blue hamilton body shirt off

Second, his full name is Johnny Blue James Hamilton. Want more hot male singers?

blue hamilton shirtless

Third, you should not confuse Matt Dallas’ husband with Brandon Hamilton, an Atlanta-based, Grammy-nominated African-American music producer who is professionally known as Blue.

blue hamilton hot shirtless singer

Fourth, he ain’t afraid to put a gun in his pants. We just hope there ain’t no bullet in there because we don’t want the gun to accidentally fire at his other gun.

blue hamilton gay body

Now, here are some images of Blue in his boxer briefs which we screencapped from a video in the couple’s Youtube channel (check it out @ matt and blue).

blue hamilton boxer briefs underwear3

blue hamilton underwear and body

blue hamilton underwear

blue hamilton boxer briefs underwear

Blue, Matt, and their son Crow appeared in an ad for Ralph Lauren last year. Here’s a photo from said advertising campaign.

blue hamilton model ralph lauren with husband for holiday campaign

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