Blue Denim Jeans For Men: Diesel Mens Jeans Collection

Blue Denim Jeans For Men: Diesel Mens Jeans Collection. Can’t get enough of Diesel denim jeans? Here’s more of them from the fashion house’s menswear collection. Diesel jeans, they’re oh so good they will make you jump.

blue faded distressed diesel denim jeans

Or show off your behind.

blue denim jeans for men

Sometimes, a pair of Diesel jeans is the only “cover” you need. Hehe.

mens blue denim jeans

This archer guy is as cool as Legolas, no?

male model archery wearing diesel jeans

Diesel jeans – they’re so good it will make the girls (and the guys) go down on you.

Okay, okay, enough with the silly and ridiculous captions. For those of you who want more Diesel jeans, check out Chace Crawford wearing his Diesel Zatiny 8E7 jeans, Taylor Lautner and other celebs in their Diesel Jeans POIAK 008WM, and Robert Pattinson’s Diesel straight cut denims.

More Diesel Jeans for Men Collection. Here are three more fab jeans from the label’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection. We’re still for the “clean look” but some of you may be fans of these pre-faded, pre-stained, distressed denim trousers.

Now this is the kind of denim jeans we’d like to add to our closet: greyish, pristine, and skinny. And the red leather jacket is a must-have for us. It’s what our gay friend Kevin says “Fabulous, fabulous, and fabulous.”

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