Blond Men Are Hot: Celebrity Hairstyle Edition

Blond Men Are Hot: Celebrity Hairstyle Edition. Today in male celebrity haircut, we are going to give you some gorgeous blonds who are rocking their hairstyles be it short or long and whether they are well-groomed or unkempt, you know, like the Brad Pitt look below.

Anyhoo, we gotta start our list of blond celebrity haircuts with our imaginary boyfriend that is Trevor Donovan not only because he looks good in this particular hairstyle but more so because he sure looks great in his all-white Jockey briefs and undershirt. Haha.

Speaking of boys with blond hair who rock their white shirts, here’s Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz looking good with a short haircut. He is proof that you can leave your hair disheveled and still look hawt. By the way, for those of you wondering what our blond hunk is doing these days, he is one of the main characters of the CBS series FBI: Most Wanted which started airing last January.

blond men are hot short hairstyle - kellan lutz

Awww! Look at Zac Efron trying to land in our much coveted Hot Zaddy Hunk of the Day title. Sorry Zac. We know you’re older now but, for some reason, we still remember you as the singin’ and dancin’ boy from High School Musical. Haha. Maybe ten years from now? Your hairstyle is dope though.

blond men are hot hairstyle - zac efron

Ahh, Brad. We’re guessing this abomination of a long hair was when you were still with Jennifer Aniston? Maybe it’s the angle of the camera but we do not think it suits you. Hehe.

blond men are hot hairstyle - brad pitt long hair

Nah. He just looks sad above so it affected the way we viewed his hair, he and his long flowing locks looked gorgeous in Legends of the Fall.

brad pitt blond haircut legends of the fall

Owen Wilson is the personification of curly blond hair done right.

blond men are hot long hairstyle - owen wilson

Has Neil Patrick Harris ever changed his hairstyle? He’s always looked like this as far as we can remember. It works great for him though and, as they say, there’s no point in changing things up when the look is working for you.

blond men are hot hairstyle short - neil patrick harris

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