Blake Ritson Shirtless, Young, Girlfriend?

Blake Ritson Shirtless, Young, Girlfriend, or Gay in Real Life? Anyone of you watching The Gilded Age on HBO? If you’re a fan of period drama, you should check it out. The show has gotten pretty good reviews (it currently has a 79% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes) and has already been renewed for a second season. Anyhoo, we gotta admit that we only started watching the series when Kevin told us that it stars Blake Ritson as one of the main characters. We loved, loved, loved the British actor in Da Vinci’s Demons and we confess that we shipped his character (Girolamo Riario) with Tom Riley’s Leonardo da Vinci.

blake ritson gilded age

But let’s go back to The Gilded Age shall we? Our Blake is playing the role of Oscar Van Rhijn, a charismatic guy from an old rich family who is looking for a suitable wife. Oh, he is also closeted so we see him in one of the episodes bumping uglies with his secret lover played by Claybourne Elder. We are tempted to include photos of the two lovebirds going lovey dovey but we promised Grandma Akita that we’ll keep it G rated so you have to make do with these two images. Hehe.

blake ritson gay in real life

In an interview with UPI, the actor tells us more about his character on The Gilged Age: “He’s incredibly well-bred. He’s part of the New York aristocracy, the old money, social elite. He is witty. He’s charming. He’s also quite mischievous and irreverent, so in a world where most people tip-toe around the behavioral moral codes, he sometimes opts not to play by the rules. Without giving too much away, he also has kind of an amoral streak.”

He adds: “Oscar is, obviously, in the hunt for an heiress, and Gladys is in line for the very largest fortune in New York. This 150-room Renaissance palace suddenly has turned up, so it is a bit of an eye opener. But I think Oscar really values his happiness and the thing that excites him is the fortune, but it’s also the fact that she seems very nice. They get on. They have a kind of repartee.”

Blake Ritson Gay in Real Life? Nope. He is straight and in a relationship with Hattie Morahan with whom he has a daughter. Hattie is also in the acting biz who most recently starred as Lady Tewkesbury in the 2020 movie Enola Holmes headlined by Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge. [Related: See our post on whether Lord Tewkesbury is Real.] Anyhoo, here are photos of Blake and Hattie looking fabulous together:

blake ritson fiance Hattie Morahan

blake ritson girlfriend Hattie Morahan

Blake Ritson Shirtless Photos. For the thirsty Famewatchers among us, the images are screencapped from The Gilded Age and Da Vinci’s Demons:

blake ritson gay with claiborne elder in gilded age

blake ritson shirtless body

Blake Ritson shirtless in da vincis demon

Not a shirtless pic but the next image below is what turned us into a Riario/Da Vinci shipper:

blake ritson gay with tom riley in da vincis demons

Okay, that’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers. Let’s end this post with a photo of a young Blake Ritson, shall we? Is it us or is he the kind of guy who does not seem to age at all?

blake ritson young

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