Blair Redford Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Gay or Has Girlfriend?

Blair Redford Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Who’s the hot guy walking around town with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist? Did a bad date stole his pants or what? The hot guy, fellow Famewatcher, is 31-year-old American actor Blair Redford.


Is Blair Redford related to Hollywood icon Robert Redford? Nope! They just share a last name. From

Is Blair Redford Robert Redford’s Son? Why, is the caliber of Lying Game star Blair Redford’s acting just that good? Despite sharing a last name, Blair bears no relation to Oscar-winning movie legend Robert Redford.

For some reason, Blair’s photo below reminds us of Native Canadian actor Adam Beach.

blair redford shirtless hunk

According to his wikipedia page Blair is from Atlanta, Georgia and is of Irish, French, German, and Native American descent. Here are some trivia about our hunky actor from TV Guide and

  • Was one of the high-school students featured in TBS’s “Great American Moments” PSA campaign in 2002.
  • Was captain of his high-school tennis team.
  • Worked as a stuntman for Black Knight Stunts, an Atlanta-based stunt team.
  • Discovered by a talent scout in Atlanta; soon after moved to Los Angeles.
  • Born on July 23, 1983 to mother Deborah Warner Corrao.
  • He worked as a pirate named Rusty Compass at the Georgia Renaissance Festival.
  • He ranked #17 on BuddyTV’s list of TV’s Sexiest Men of 2011.

Blair Redford Shirtless Photos. We won’t be surprised if his acting contracts require our sexy Blair to to shirtless because there’s always a scene of him without his shirt.

For instance, here’s our hunk on an episode of the TV show Switched at Birth where he played the role of Tyler “Ty” Mendoza.

blair redford shirtless - switched at birth

Playing beach volleyball with Ben Milliken in an episode of CSI-Miami.

blair redford shirtless with ben milliken - csi miami

Does he have one of the best washboard abs in the world or what? This pic is from a 90210 episode, Age of Inheritance. [Want more celebrity washboard abs?]

Blair Redford smoking hot body - 90210 - age of inheritance

Like the above image, the next pic below is also from Age of Inheritance.

blair redford washboard abs

Blair Redford Underwear. In an episode of the teen drama series, The Lying Game, Blair not only go shirtless. He shows us his underwear too. Soooo sexy.

blair redford underwear lying game

The next photo is also from The Lying Game.


This one as well. That’s a weird position and composition, no? Watching him sleep like this makes our head hurt. Hehe.

blair redford shirtless underwear

Is Blair Redford Gay or Straight? He is straight according to the voters of

Blair Redford gaydar: According to 39 visitors Blair Redford is 65% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Blair Redford is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

Blair Redford Dating Status. Does Blair have a girlfriend or a wife or a significant other? Dating history website,, does not list any girlfriend ever so you can keep your hopes up ladies! Ain’t that good news?

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