Black Transgender Celebrities: Before and After Transition Photos

Famous Black Transgender Celebrities. Fellow Famewatchers, here’s a list of seven black transgender celebrities who gained fame in the world of modeling, acting, and activism. Props to all of them for their bravery. We give very special props to Isis King because she is really the one who made us realize our cluenessness about the transgender community. Thank you, Isis (and to Tyra too). So let’s begin our list of famous black transgender celebrities with:

Tracey “Africa” Norman. She earns the title as the first ever transgender model. She arguably is the bravest too because she transitioned back in the 1970s when transitioning was still unheard of. Here’s Tracey as a Clairol model (left) and what she looks like now (right).

black transgender celebrity tracy africa norman - then and now2

Isis King. Isis is a trailblazer in her own right. She is, we think, the first transgender model to ever appear on mainstream television. Correct? Say what you will about Tyra and America’s Next Top Model but they deserve props for giving Isis a platform to advance transgender visibility. Props to Isis too for rising up to the challenge.

black transgender celebrity - model isis king - before and after2

Janet Mock. This activist has done tons of work to fight for transgender rights.

black transgender celebrity - janet mock - before and after transition2

Laverne Cox. The Orange is the New Black actress made headlines around the world when she made it to the cover of Time Magazine.

laverne cox before and after - black transgender celebriteis2

Ines Rau. We can’t find a “before” photo for this French/North African trans supermodel but, boy, ain’t she hottie hot hot. Contrary to what our friend Kevin says, Tyson Beckford is the lucky one when he did a photoshoot for OOB Magazine with Ines. We can’t publish the pics here because they’re too risque and may scandalize our grandmama and give her a heart attack.

famous black transgender celebrities - ines rau - before and after2

Amiyah Scott. Gossip site TMZ reported that Amiyah was cast as one of the leading ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta. But then belied the TMZ rumor and reported that the RHOA powers-that-we were only doing a “film test” to see how Amiyah gels with the current cast.

famous black transgender models - amiyah scott - before and after2

But Amiyah may end up with a bigger TV project because rumor (from the Daily Mail) has it that Amiyah will be part of a prequel to the superhit show Empire which is being developed by those who created the Fox ratings hit.

Octavia St. Laurent. Octavia is a star known for Paris is Burning, How Do I Look, and Octavia Saint Laurent: Queen of the Underground. Did you know that she once went by the following name: Heavenly Angel Octavia St. Laurent Manolo Blahnik? Way to go, girl!

black transgender celebrity octavia st laurent2

That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers. So, who is your favorite famous black transgender celebrity?

Black Transgender Celebrities: Before and After Transition Photos. Posted 22 December 2015. Last updated: February 23, 2020 at 16:37 pm.