Celebrities Wearing Burberry Suit and Tie

Celebrities Wearing Burberry Suit and Tie dominic cooper red carpet

Celebrities Wearing Burberry Suit and Tie. Dominic Cooper is looking dapper in his black men’s suit at the 2008 Golden Globe Awards. The Mama Mia star, who’s also reportedly starring in Captain America, is wearing a Burberry two-button suit. Want more male celebrities who rock their Burberry suits? Well, scroll down below to see who among your favorite Hollywood celebs are what our friend Kevin calls “Burberry Lovers”.

Black Suit White Shirt: Kellan Lutz Fashion Style

black suit white shirt red carpet fashion - kellan lutz

Black Suit White Shirt (27 January 2010). Wow. We can’t believe we keep blogging about Twilight star Kellan Lutz. This is the third time we are writing about him this month. Well, the guy like his co-star Taylor Lautner is actually very blogworthy. Check out his washboard abs for instance (see Kellan Lutz Ripped Muscles). If that is not blogworthy, we don’t know what is.