Black Speedo Swimsuit Guys: Who’s The Hottest?

Black Speedo Swimsuit Guys: Who’s The Hottest? It’s the height of the swimming season and we know that some of the Famewatcher hos among us will be in beaches to appreciate the brave men who will be out in their Speedos. However, not all of us have the wherewithal — whether timewise or moneywise — to go to the beach and some of us — like our friend Deena — are indoor creatures who simply hate going outside because its hot, cold, windy, rainy, dry or whatever it is that nature throws at outdoorsy people.

Anyhoo, for those of you not going to the beach or swimming pools but love your men in Speedos, we collected 15 of the most gorgeous guys from the internets for you to appreciate. We decided to stick with those wearing black swimwear because black is less “revealing” and we do not want to get in trouble with our conservative Grandma Akita. Haha.

Anyhoo, let’s check out these Speedo men, shall we? Because we’re told we have to space out our photos and text, let’s do this post in groups of dudes: Paul Cassidy (@paul_cassidy_real), Shaun No Fullname (@shaun_cpt), and Brazilian hunk Gustavo Naspolini (@gustavonaspolini) who may or may not be the boyfriend of Welsh actor Luke Evans.

black speedo studs paul cassidy @paul_cassidy_real 2

black speedo studs - shaun_cpt

black speedo models - Gustavo Naspolini - luke evans boyfriend maybe - brazilian3

black speedo models - Gustavo Naspolini - luke evans boyfriend maybe - brazilian2

Our next group of three is composed of Luiddy Martins (@luiddymartins), Harris Karidipis (@harriskaripidis), and Alessandro Cinquino (@alex_theofficer) who has one of the best jobs in the world as a cruise ship navigation officer.

black speedo men - Luiddy Martins @luiddymartins 2

black speedo jocks - Harris Karipidis

black speedo men - Alessandro Cinquini aka alex_theofficer - cruise ship navigation officer

Next up in our groups of gorgeous guys in black Speedo swimsuits are Michele Canale, Italian footballer Claudio Marchisio who played for Juventus as well as the Italian national team, and British swimmer Adam Peaty who’s exploits in the swimming pool include winning three Olympic gold medals.

black speedo hunks - michele canale

black speedo hunks - claudio marchisio - italian footballer

black speedo hunks - british swimmer adam peaty

Our next group of Speedo hunks include Italian footballer Sergio Pellissier who played for Torino and his national team, Brazilian footballer Jean Lucas who played for the Brazilian U23 national team and is currently with AS Monaco, and Brazilian swimmer Henrique Martins whose medal haul in competitive swimming includes three gold medals from the World Championships.

black speedo guys - sergio pellissier - football italy

black speedo guys - jean lucas brazilian footballer

black speedo athletes - henrique matins brazilian swimmer

Last but not the least in our group of Speedo boys is Italian footballer Francesco Marigliano, Italian karate world champion Luigi Busa, and Italian teacher and model Pietro Boselli who we all fell in love with a few years ago but who turned out to be a right-winger who follows and upvotes conservative talking heads like Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Candace Owens on Twitter.

black speedo athletes - Francesco Marigliano italian footballer

black speedo hunks - Luigi Busá italian world karate champion2

black speedo jocks - pietro boselli

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