Ed Westwick Style: Leather Jacket and Jeans

ed westwick style leather jacket and jeans

Ed Westwick Style: Leather Jacket and Jeans. Today in our Ed Westwick famewatching, we bring you our Ed dressed in his black leather jacket and gray jeans ensemble. It seems like he is going for the “all dark” look because he’s got a dark striped shirt (damn, we’re not a fan of them stripes) and a dark aviator sunglasses to boot.

Tom Cruise Jeans and Leather Jackets: Tom Cruise Fashion Style

TOM CRUISE JEANS. Will we ever get our Tom Cruise back? You know, the normal and hot and guitar-hero-dancing-in-his-underwear Tom Cruise. Or have we totally lost him to the land of kookiness? Anyhoo, isn’t this an interesting portrait of Tom Cruise in his jeans and leather jacket? We’re not sure if the photo was taken before we lost him to Kookyland; on the one hand, he looks kinda boyishly cute which reminds us of him before his couch-jumping days but, on the other hand, there’s also that hint of kookiness in his glassy eyes.