Black Leather Pants by Blaak: Male Model Leander Kirschner

Black Leather Pants by Blaak: Male Model Leander Kirschner. Seventeen-year-old German male model Leander Kirschner rocks his Blaak leather pants at the Blaak/Thomas Engel Hart Show during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 in Berlin, Germany.

blaak black leather pants

Pretty cool black leather pants, we must say. Kevin says the best thing about this outfit would be the zipper which goes all the way down to a man’s junk. He said it makes an “easy access” whatever that means.

black leather pants for men

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For those of you who are wondering, Blaak is a London-based label which was established way back in 1998 by Aaron Sharif and Sachiko Okada who were then undergraduates of the Central St Martins Fashion School. They initially focused on women’s wear but found more success designing and selling clothes for men.

black leather pants for men by Blaak

Here’s an excerpt from a 2009 interview with co-founder Sachiko Okada. She talks about how the label  started, their design philosophy, and the challenges of designing clothes for men.

What would you say the Blaak signature aesthetic or design philosophy is?
When we started we were only half way through the second year of our BA. Designing a label under our names not only felt daunting but too egotistical.

We wanted the inspiration to become the concept. Choosing Blaak as a name created a framework – a world based on what the colour black means and its ever changing, transformative quality. Over time our ability to remain fluid and adaptable has helped maintain this fascination and greater understanding we have towards the name.

Beauty is a state that is always being evaluated – it’s very important to find beauty – most often it’s a new challenge to present a new type of beauty often through diverse propositions. Our style is based on optimism, the idea that everything is transient and striving towards equanimity and the idea that self-satisfaction is paramount in creating.

Who wears your designs – how would you describe the Blaak customer?
People in creative jobs; artists, architects, and surprisingly many women are wearing our Menswear. At Maria Luisa in Paris, the same knitwear piece was sold to two female models on the same day.

Now focusing solely on menswear, how different is it to designing for women? Do you approach designing for men in a different way?
Designing menswear we spend more time and energy on perfecting small details. Choosing the right fabric, the right stitch size, the right fusing. Men are very sensitive on how the fabric feels on their skin even more so than women.

Men are not so open to changes, so changes have to come at the right time, in the right dose. Men dress for themselves, whereas women dress for an audience if you like.

Let us end this post on Blaak black leather pants with our favorite Leander modeling photo.

black leather pants designer label

Black Leather Pants by Blaak: Male Model Leander Kirschner posted 28 July 2010. Updated 3 April 2017.