Mike Manning Husband, Shirtless, Emmy Award

mike manning underwear

Mike Manning Husband, Shirtless, Emmy Award-Winning Actor. Who says reality TV stars cannot become award-winning actors? Certainly not former Real World DC star who recently bagged a best actor trophy. Specifically, he won an Emmy last month for Outstanding Performance By a Supporting Actor in a Daytime Fiction Program for his role as Caleb McKinnon on the Amazon Prime series The Bay. This is actually Mike’s second Emmy award but his first trophy, given June 2020, was for producing the same show. Yup, Mike is a successful award-winning actor and successful award-winning producer. And it ain’t just some award too. He’s got two Emmys!!! Sure you can say it’s for the Daytime category and maybe is less competitive but an Emmy is an Emmy is a goddamn Emmy.

Drew Tarver Shirtless, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, and The Other Two

drew tarver hot in the other two

Drew Tarver Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Boyfriend. Anyone of you watching The Other Two on HBO Max? We watched it because of our love for Andrew Ridings and because of the critical buzz the show is getting and, we must say, the critics are right. It is a great show which you should check out if you are into sitcoms. But enough with the show, this post is about one of its stars Drew Tarver whose celebrity rating rose to the stratosphere thanks to this show. He’s been in the acting biz since 2009 and he’s got a total of 52 acting credits according to IMDB but this is his most prominent gig because he is one of the leads. Yay, for him! Sometimes, Hollywood success like this does take time.

Is Pete Doherty Gay, Straight, or Bi? Man Kissing Photos

pete doherty cart barat gay kiss

Pete Doherty Gay, Bi or Straight? Man Kissing. Is Pete Doherty gay? We don’t know. But we do know that he’s got no problem featuring two men kissing in his latest project, Last of the English Roses. Reports the Sun: “Never one to shy away from a little controversy, PETE DOHERTY has cast two lads to smooch in his new video… The boy-on-boy kiss comes as a surprise at the end of the vid which is set in a playground outside a block of flats.”

Green Day Shirtless, Underwear, and Kissing Photos

green day shirtless photos

Green Day Shirtless, Gay Kiss, and Underwear Photos. Are you excited with the news that the American punk rock band, Green Day, will soon be resuming their tour this coming March. We sure are excited here at Famewatcher especially and Deena and Evelyn who can’t stop listening to their Green Day collection to the point of annoying the non-Green Day Famewatchers. Anyhoo, to help excite you to go see the tour when it goes to a city near you, we decided to bring you some shirtless Green Day and underwear photos.

Angelo Garcia Menudo Singer is our Bi Zaddy of the Day

ripped jeans and leather jacket

Angelo Garcia Menudo Singer is our Bi Zaddy of the Day. Who’s the guy wearing ripped jeans? The guy’s name is Angelo Garcia. He is a Latino singer turned-bodybuilder who is probably best known for being the youngest member of the 1980s Latino boyband, Menudo. Angelo, who’s our Zaddy of the Day, used to be pals with Ricky Martin when they were younger but, as it happens, they grew up and went their separate ways.

Lee Ryan Gay, Boyfriend, Underwear, and Shirtless Photos

lee ryan gay or bi

Lee Ryan Gay, Bisexual, or Straight? By now you would have already heard about the news that Lee Ryan of the boyband Blue has experimented with a man under the sheets. If you’ve been living under the rock (or not a British reality TV fan), he made the revelation at the Celebrity Big Brother house on BBC’s Channel Five.