Biofit Bra Good or Bad? Reviews of Those Who Love or Hate the Bra

Biofit Bra Good or Bad? Reviews Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio makes a comeback in the pages of this blog with her latest photoshoot for the Victoria’s Secret BioFit Bra. According to reports the bra can be worn in seven different ways. Wow. Seven different ways? What are these ways? Well, you can wear it strapless, one strap, halter, classic, v-front, crisscross or crossback. Well, that’s not exactly a revolution in female underwear because you can do that with other brands, right?

biofit bra good or bad reviews

biofit bra good or bad reviews

Is the BioFit Bra good or bad? What are girls saying about its quality, comfort, durability and all those things that matter when it comes to our bras? Well, here are two contrasting reviews on the BioFit Bra. One loves it, the other doesn’t.

Loves BioFit:

My main reason for loving this bra is because I’m 36DD, so I clearly don’t need a generously padded bra that pushes everything up round my throat, but I do want a nice shape that doesn’t feel suffocating.

The BIOFIT doesn’t dig into my flesh, nor squash my breasts together, leaving them spilling over the top of the cups. It does enhance my cleavage and it does give a nicely rounded shape to my breasts, without looking to OOT and cartoonish.

The BIOFIT is finished like a t-shirt bra, so there are no lines, pulls or puckers visible through my clothes. Some of my past Victoria’s Secret bras have straps that give and fall down from where I’d adjusted them too, but my BIOFIT straps haven’t given me that problem.

I’ve had my latest BIOFIT for around 5 months, and despite frequent washings it still looks new. The fit has been true to its size.

Hates BioFit:

I wouldn’t recommend this bra at all, I might even warn people because the concept is nice and it fits nicely when you try on, and it probably works well for the first few months but after that it starts stretching and it doesn’t fit well anymore. Also, the seamlessness of this bra makes it somewhat slipperly on the skin especially during winter and it wouldn’t stay intact on my body if you know what I mean. I think the shape of my breasts changed for the worse since I started wearing this bra daily. I have a feeling that they didn’t consider the long term effects when they created this bra. It made me go back to basic, more reputable brands.

Of course, you should always take internet reviews with a grain of salt. Anyone can make anonymous reviews on the internets and what fits well for others may not suit you at all. Right?

So which of the above Biofit bra good and bad reviews is true for you? Want more Victoria’s Secret fashion?