Billy Kemp as Jordan Young: Adult Actor to American Idol Vice President

Billy Kemp as Jordan Young: Adult Actor to American Idol Vice President. Remember Billy Kemp, the Vice President for Casting for American Idol? Damn. Isn’t he a one good looking man. We’d take him home to mama if he wants us to. This pic is from years back when he was doing “stuff” for the gay community as Jordan Young.

billy kemp jordan young

We’d be very happy to see what he looks like now. We’re pretty sure he’s still as hot as he was back then. Want more hotties? Go check out our post on Matt Ryan Shirtless.

Update: 14 March 2017. We are updating this post to give you this photo of Billy. He’s lookin’ good! This will be our last update on this post. You can follow him on Twitter (@mrbillykemp) or on Instagram (sillybillythings).

billy kemp as jordan young - american idol executive

Let us end this update with this shirtless photo of Billy taken when he was younger. We grabbed it from his Instagram account. Yum….mmmmy!

billy kemp shirtless

UPDATE, 12 May 2011: As we stated in our original post on Billy Kemp, we’d be happy to see what he looks like these days. For those of you who also wondered what he’d look like, here’s a video of our Billy talking about reality shows and his job as a casting director for American Idol. [Update: Sorry, the video’s been put to private.]

He obviously put on some weight but our Billy deserves a lot of props for proving that there is life for “adult movie stars” outside of the industry and that, in fact, that life could be more lucrative.

Who’d have thunk that Jordan Young would end up working for the most watched TV show in the United States? That’s the American dream and we’re glad he’s living it. He’s an inspiration to young men and women in the “adult industry” who dream of leaving and being successful somewhere else. Way to go, Jordan Young/Billy Kemp!

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From IUC: Which American Idol Judge is having a gay affair with someone else on the show? I’ll reveal this on my new TV Talk Show Tuesday night – who can it be? Which Idol judge is light in the loafers? let us know. Clue: It’s not Kara DioGuardi.

Our guess: Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest or Simon Cowell and Vice President for Casting Billy Kemp who used to perform as Jordan Young. Check him out below. Looks like he’s an expert in playing the sax, eh? Anyhoo, here’s a photo of Billy Kemp as Jordan Young. He’s a hottie!

billy kemp as jordan young sax

Billy Kemp as Jordan Young: Adult Actor to American Idol Vice President. First posted on 31 January 2009. Last updated: September 13, 2022 at 2:53 am.