Billy Joe Saunders Sunspel: Hot British Boxer is Also an Underwear Model

Billy Joe Saunders is a World Boxing Champion. Nearly ten years after we first wrote about Billy Joe, he’s gone on to become a world boxing champion multiple times.

First, he won the WBO middleweight title in 2015 and retained it three more times. He then went on to win the WB0 supermiddleweight title in May 2019 and successfully defended his title six months later in November 2019.

Props to the guy for pursuing his dreams, being successful at it, and bringing glory to the British Traveller community. To date, he’s got an unblemished boxing record of 29 wins and zero losses, 14 of said wins are by knockouts.

billy joe saunders - romani gypsy traveller - world boxing champion

Our hope for the guy, now that he is a world champion, is that he becomes more mindful of what he posts on social media as he’s gotten himself fined and his license suspended for posting nonsensical things that world champions should totally not be posting.

Billy Joe Saunders on Being an Advocate for Travellers (20 November 2011): We’re loving this guy more. Turns out that he’s a member of the British Romany Gypsy community and that he’d like to be an instrument in changing the negative perceptions about them.

He says [via The Guardian]: “I’d like to do that. When most people hear we’re Travellers they think: ‘Gypsy! Trouble!’ It ain’t nice. Don’t get me wrong, there are bad people among Travellers, but you can’t tar everyone with the same brush. Look at my dad, or my great-grandad. They’re proud and decent and if I can help people understand that I’ll be doing a good job.”

Oh, and he’s doing more modeling on the side which is cool. However, boxing comes first for Billy before modeling. He was featured in Love Magazine as well as in Vogue Hommes magazine.

He says of his modeling experience: “It’s a laugh doing the modelling and I’m flattered that people think I’m good looking enough. If someone asks me to do a photo shoot then I’m not going to say no, but boxing will always come first – even if I do look like a knockout!” [via]

He’s also a doting father to Billy Joe Jr. How cute is their father-son photo?

boxer billy joe saunders with baby boy

Billy Joe Saunders Sunspel Underwear Model is a Boxer (8 October 2010). Who’s that good looking guy in tight boxers, you ask? That dude, fellow Famewatcher, is the next Oscar de la Hoya! Well, we don’t really know if he’s the next Oscar but since you asked, the guy’s name is Billy Joe Saunders. He is a British boxer who qualified for the Beijing Olympics two years ago. Apparently, he also models on the side as you can see in these awesome modeling pics for Sunspel menswear (photos by Alasdair Mclellan).

billy joe saunders world champion boxer traveller romany gypsy

For sure, Billy Joe is as pretty as Oscar de la Hoya but it remains to be seen whether he’ll have as glorious a career as the Golden Boy of the boxing world. What do you think? Maybe he’ll have a bigger shot to world-fame by being a menswear model?

billy joe saunders underwear sunspel

Want more men in boxers underwear?

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billy joe saunders romani traveller sunspel male underwear model

Billy Joe Saunders Sunspel: Hot British Boxer is Also an Underwear Model. Posted 8 August 2010.