Billy Crudup Shirtless Celebrity Hunk of the Day

Billy Crudup Shirtless. Look who’s suddenly a googler’s favorite after his movie became a hit? It’s Billy “Blueballs” Crudup. A lot of you are looking for shirtless photos of Billy Crudup so, naturally, we also went looking for such photos. Well, these are what we found.

billy crudup shirtless body

We’re told that these photos are from a play, Stage Beauty, where our Billy acted as a woman because, during the period depicted in the play, women at that time were not allowed to be actors. Or something like that anyways. But don’t take our word on what the play is about because our source might be totally misinformed or totally pulling our leg.

billy crudup shirtless stage beauty

Here’s another Billy Crudup shirtless photo from the 1995 British movie, Jesus’ Son, about a drug addict who was able to turn his life around. The girl he’s with is actress Samantha Morton. Our Billy was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for his role in this film.

The next pic is not a shirtless photo but its funny so let’s include it here. Billy Crudup wearing short shorts is kinda cute, isn’t it? It’s from the movie Without Limits which, as you may have already suspected, is about running. Billy is Steve Prefontaine, a college track star from the University of Oregon who’s promising athletic career ended because of a tragic car accident.

Another non-shirtless but great photo of Billy (with Woody Harrelson) from the 1999 movie, Hi-Lo Country, about the friendship between two young cowboys in the American West. Our Billy actually won a National Board of Review (NBR) award for Breakthrough Performance for this movie.

Billy with a badass cowboy hat in Hi-Lo Country. He is sooo cute. Why he’s not a bigger star than he currently is is a mystery to us.

By the way, do you you want to see Billy and his Watchmen blue balls as well as Billy Crudup’s underwear.

Billy Crudup Shirtless published on 9 March 2009. Updated 8 February 2017.