Billie Piper Leather Jackets: Firetrap Hunta and Oasis Blue

Billie Piper Firetrap Hunta Leather Jacket. Want more female celebrities in leather jackets? Here’s English actress and singer Billie Piper dressed in her Firetrap leather jacket. Firetrap is a popular British apparel brand known for its “urban, edgy, sexy and subversive” fashion style so don’t be surprised if urban, hawt, and edgy celebrities are wearing the label.

billie piper firetrap hunta leather jacket

Let’s take a closer look at this leather outfit, shall we?

firetrap hunta leather jacket

Leather Hot Pants: Billie Piper’s Short Shorts (25 September 2010). Whoa. Look at Billie Piper’s really short leather pants. She’s shooting a scene for the show Secret Diary of a Call Girl which is based on Brooke Magnanti’s Belle de Jour. We don’t like the hot pants but we like Billie’s eight-inch high-heeled shoes. She’s rocking it to be sure.

billie piper leather shorts

billie piper leather shorts

Oasis Blue Leather Jacket: Girls in Leather, Billie Piper (18 December 2009). So you love you some Oasis blue leather jacket, eh? Looks like you’re not the only one who’s into this brand and style. Check out Billie Piper in her sexy Oasis leather jacket.


Billie, for those of you not familiar with her, is an English singer and actress who starred in the BBC show, Dr. Who and who portrayed our American graduate student/call girl Belle de Jour (aka Brooke Magnanti) in Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Meanwhile, those of you not familiar with Oasis might be interested to know that it is a British clothing brand known for designing clothes for girls that are, to use the company’s words, “fashionable, wearable, colourful and are synonymous with quality, value and unique design”. [By the way, you can find Oasis stores/outlets not only in the U.K. but in international markets as well such as China, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Romania, Finland, Gibraltar, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Taiwan and Russia.]

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