Big Men Sweater: Brendan Fraser Fashion Style

Big Men Sweater: Brendan Fraser Fashion Style. Looking for fabulous sweaters for big men? Well, check out Brendan Fraser’s fab outfit in these photos taken recently in New York. He’s looking huge to be sure which is a far cry from his “George in the Jungle” and “The Mummy” days when he was toned and muscled.

big men sweater brendan fraser

Has our Canadian imaginary boyfriend been eating a lot of Tim Hortons donuts? Hehe. Joke, joke!

big men sweater blue cardigan

big men sweater brendan fraser

For photos of this muscled Canadian we used to see, check out our previous entry on Brendan’s underwear.

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Brendan Fraser Leather Jackets
17 October 2010

brendan fraser leather jacket

Check out Canadian hunk (would it be mean if we call him an ex-hunk) Brendan Fraser and his fabulous black leather jacket. For the sake of his health, we hope our Brendan goes into some diet and hops onto the treadmill to burn some calories. Hehe.

brendan fraser leather

Anyhoo, for those of you who are looking for more celebrities wearing black leather, you should check out Harry Shum’s Superdry Club 65 leather jacket as well as Justin Bieber’s Superdry Brad leather jacket.

More Brendan Fraser Fashion Style
07 August 2011

Since a lot of you are, unexpectedly, asking us about what big guys should wear, let’s check out Brendan Fraser’s fashion style, shall we? As we usually say it here in Famewatcher, looking at what celebrities with our body type (in Brendan’s case, big and bulky) can give us ideas on what to wear.

When it comes to formal suits, Brendan looks pretty awesome in this John Varvatos two-piece suit. It’s good at hiding his problematic midsection and highlights his enviable wide shoulders.

brendan fraser two piece suit

However, we can’t say the same thing about his shirt in the next picture below. But really, you can’t hide your paunch like that with any kind of Tee Shirt. There’s no hiding that behind a shirt.

brendan fraser fashion style

The best way to do away with a midsection bulge is to do physical stuff which may be what our Brendan is planning to do, we think he’s on the way to the gym with his Nike Running shoes and all.

Big Men Sweater: Brendan Fraser Fashion Style. Posted 7 October 2010. Last updated 7 March 2017.