Big Brother Canada Underwear Hunks: The Hottest of Them All

Big Brother Canada Underwear Hunks: The Hottest of Them All. Initially, we were thinking of adding some of these photos in our post on Big Brother Underwear Hunks but we kept finding more Canadian housemates rocking their underoos so we decided to make a separate post dedicated to Canucks.

Like in our first post, these images are either capped from the show or we grabbed them from the house guest’s Instagram account.

Let’s begin with Big Brother Canada 5 winner Kevin Martin who’s seen in the screencaps below lounging in bed in his blue boxer briefs.

kevin martin bbcan underwear2

Incidentally, Kevin Martin is the BB Canada crush of our friend Kevin. We told him that it’s kind of weird that he’s crushing on a namesake but he’s like, “Girl, it’s just a TV crush. It’s not as if I said I’m gonna marry him.”

kevin martin bbcan underwear

Next up in our list of BBCan Underwer hunks is Montreal male model Kenneth “Kenny” Brain (season 2). We grabbed this from his Insta which you might want to follow @kennybrain.

bbcan underwear hunk - kenny brain boxer shorts kennybrain on insta

Speaking of Instagram hunks, here’s Tim Dormer (season 4) enjoying the Toronto skyscape in his briefs underwear. Follow him @timdormer.

bbcan underwear hunk - timdormer on instagram

Anthony Douglas was a recruit newbie when he joined BBCan 7 but he was a master at the game and went all the way to the finale. He is our favorite of all the Canadian house guests whose seasons we actually watched. For the record, we missed the first four seasons. Follow Anthony on Instagram @dougylicious.

bbcan underwear hunk anthony douglas dougylicious on insta

Jared Kesler (season 4) gives us a peekabo underwear look in this selfie pic he shared on Insta (follow him @keslerjared).

bbcan underwear hunk jared kesler at keslerjared instagram

Like Jared, Raul Manriquez is also a BBCan season 4 housemate. Unlike Jared, he posts more revealing photos on Insta. Yay! Follow Raul @theraulmanriquez.

bbcan underwear hunks - theraulmanriquez

This image of Demetres Giannitsos (season 5) in boxer briefs is our favorite underwear screencap of all Big Brother shows. Yes, including the American one.

big brother canada underwear hunks demetres giannitsos bbcan 5

We tried hard looking for better photos of Jesse Larson (season 6) but this is the best we have. Sorry :-(

big brother canada underwear hunk bbcan 6 - jesse larson

One of the OGs of BBCan, Emmett Blois (season 1) walks around in his boxer briefs.

big brother canada underwear hunk - emmett blois bbcan1-2

And here’s an underwear selfie Emmett shared on Instagram (follow him @emmett_blois):

big brother canada underwear hunk - emmett blois bbcan1

Our friend Kevin asked us to include this photo of his crush Kevin Martin.

big brother canada underwear hunks kevin martin

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