Biaggio Ali Walsh Shirtless Model, College Football Star, Girlfriend

Biaggio Ali Shirtless Modeling Photos (2020 Update). After playing football — as a running back — for the University of California Berkeley and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), Biaggo tweeted last February that he is focusing on his modeling and acting career. Here’s what he shared to his followers on Twitter (@BiaggioAli1234):

In case anyone is wondering, I am finished with football and working to pursue my career in film, modeling, and acting. Thank you for all the years of support and love. I am excited to journey into the next chapter of my life.

Now, here are some shirtless photos featuring the Wilhelmina model.

biaggo ali walsh shirtless modeling photos2


biaggo ali walsh shirtless modeling photos

Emulating his grandpa.

biaggo ali walsh hot boxer body

Biaggio Ali Walsh Girlfriend and Other Stuff (posted 23 June 2016). Let us add Biaggo Ali Walsh to our list of soon-to-be college hunks. Who is he, you ask? He is the grandson of Muhammad Ali aka the greatest athlete who ever lived.

Oh, wow! Is there a lucky Biaggo Ali Walsh girlfriend? Or is he still single and ready to mingle? Now, now, before we answer that, here are some things you might want to know about him:

Biaggo Ali Walsh Parents. You already know that he is the grandson of The Greatest but who are his parents? His dad is Bob Walsh who, according to, is a chef and the owner of a Chicago restaurant called Biaggio. Meanwhile, his mom is Rasheda Ali who has a twin named Jamillah. Here’s a family photo of the Ali-Walsh family. The other boy is Biaggo’s kid brother Nico.

biaggo ali walsh parents and family

To have The Greatest take care of you when you were a young boy is the coolest thing in the world. Lucky Biaggo!

biaggio ali walsh - muhammad ali grandson6a

Biaggo is a Very Good Football Player. He currently plays for the Bishop Gorman High School football team and is a two-time Nevada Gatorade Player of the Year.

biaggio ali walsh - college football hunk

How good of a footballer is he? First of all, lots of top college teams are waiting to recruit him. Secondly, at only 17 years, he runs faster than some NFL recruits. From the Daily Mail:

Sean Manuel, offensive line coach at Bishop Gorman, told Bleacher Report that Ali-Walsh is one of the fastest high school running backs he’s ever seen in his career.

‘At running back when you have top-end speed it separates you to the elite category in the country,’ Manuel said. ‘That’s what Biaggio has. He has one play breakaway speed, he has game-changing speed … Biaggio is one of the fastest kids in the country.’

For comparison, Michigan State’s Jeremy Langford emerged as the fastest running back in the 40-yard dash at this year’s NFL Scouting Combine with 4.42 seconds. The fastest player at the combine overall was UAB’s JJ Nelson, with 4.28 seconds.

Biaggio, The Male Model. Wilhelmina Models just signed Biaggio to be a part of their stable. If we are the head of another modeling agency, we would be super jealous of Wilhelmina. Maybe we will also beat ourselves for not signing Biaggio first. Hot damn! Biaggio embodies gorgeousness. And he sure is hotness personified.

According to, Biaggio’s modeling career does not violate NCAA eligibility rules because:

  • He started modeling prior to enrolling in college.
  • His athletic ability is not considered as a factor in hiring him as a model.
  • He is paid at a rate commensurate with his skill or experience as a performer/model.

If Wilhelmina manages him well, Biaggio won’t just be a male model. He can be the next top male supermodel that would succeed David Gandy. After all, if you look at his photos below, our young footballer slash model can do it all. He can be a sports jock. He can also be a studious geek. Thirdly, he can be a goofy dude. Or he can be classy model for a top-end brand.

biaggio ali walsh male model

He looks good in a suit. And he can also be a beauty king.

biaggio ali walsh male model2

You heard it here first, this boy has the goods to be the next male supermodel of the world.

Biaggio Ali Walsh Shirtless Photos. Like your typical millenial, Biaggio loves posting shirtless pics just because. Of course, we brought you some of them.

biaggio ali walsh shirtless7

Biaggo taking a selfie in his underwear.

biaggo ali walsh underwear selfie

Finally, here’s the part where we talk about the Biaggio Ali Walsh girlfriend. Here’s the lucky girl. [2020 update: For the record, we do not know if these two are still together.]

biaggio ali walsh girlfriend - Brynn McBeath3

Her name is Brynn McBeath. And she sure is, like her boyfriend, gorgeousness personified. So how do we know that Brynn McBeath is the lucky Biaggio Ali Walsh girlfriend that some of you gals are now jealous of?

biaggio ali walsh girlfriend - Brynn McBeath

We know because she identifies herself as Biaggio Ali Walsh ♥︎ on Twitter. If the heart emoji is not a short hand for, “Back off ladies! He’s taken already!” then we don’t know what is.

Biaggio Ali Walsh Girlfriend, Football Star, and Wilhelmina Model. Posted 23 June 2016. Last updated: July 1, 2020 at 5:21 am.