Best Sweaters for Men: Top Designer Menswear

Best Sweaters for Men: Top Designer Menswear. Here’s our best five list of designer sweaters for men. If you are going to make a list of your own, which of these outfits will make your list? Which of these would you buy for your wardrobe?

Now let’s go through the the Top Five list. First, let’s have this male runway model rocking his Dolce and Gabbana sweater.

Best Sweaters for Men Dolce Gabbana

Then let’s have a V-Neck sweater by Gucci.

Gucci Best Sweaters for Men

Third in our list is this sweater by Louis Vuitton.

Best Sweaters for Men List

Another V-Neck sweater this time by Brooks Brothers. It’s a classic look that reminds us of the time when men cared about how they look.

Best Sweaters for Men Brooks Brothers

And finally, here’s a Burberry Prorsum creation. Want more from Burberry? Go check out these Burberry Leather Jackets.

Best Sweaters for Men Burberry

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Dolce Gabbana Sweaters + Jackets for Men: Spring 2011 Collection
25 September 2010

Best Sweaters for Men Spring

Looking for more Dolce and Gabbana menswear? Well, check out these fab sweaters and jackets from the Italian label’s Spring 2011 collection. D+G design is classy and elegant as always but kinda liking that floral jacket the best.

We figured some of you are also interested in jackets?

We love these D+G sweaters particularly the V-neck one.

Best Sweaters for Men by DG


Uniqlo Merino Sweater + Cardigan for Men: Benoni Loos
26 September 2010

Best Sweaters for Men uniqlo

Belgian male model Benoni Loos is looking good in this photos for the Uniqlo Merino Cashmere campaign. We love both his sweater and his cardigan but we like the cardigan better. What about you?

Best Sweaters for Men uniqlo merino cashmere

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