Best Mens Ties in the World and How to Tie a Tie (Video)

Best Mens Ties in the World and How to Tie a Tie (Video). Are these the best mens ties in the whole world? Well, maybe they’re not the best but they are playful, and silly, and kind of fun. They’ve also got what our best friend Deena would describe as “character”. Yup, ties have character according to our friend. Anyhoo, here’s a tie for the men who love crossword puzzles.

best mens ties in the world

And here’s one for car enthusiasts perhaps? Or those who have a thing for the yellow taxicabs in NYC?

best mens ties in the world

Now, here’s a tie for those who love them their tetris games.

best mens ties fun

Hmmm. We don’t know what the next tie below is about. Maybe some of you can enlighten us.

best mens ties

So which of the above best mens ties (with character) is your pick? For us, we will go with the tetris one because it reminds us so much of the 1980s/1990s. Did you know that some guys back then were fired from their jobs because all they did was play tetris at work?


How to Tie a Men’s Tie: Male Fashion Tips – Instructional Video
21 February 2010

So you’ve got yourself one of the world’s best men’s ties but do you know how to wear it? Don’t worry, here’s a straightforward video tip on how you can tie your tie. Simply watch and learn from what this guy is doing.

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Best Mens Ties in the World Update: Esquire Magazine Picks
07 July 2011

The folks at Esquire recently compiled their list of 25 best ties for Fathers Day 2011. Here’s five from their list which we love.

Tartan Wales Tie by the Gitman Brothers (100% Cotton, 3 inches at widest point).

best ties in the world gitman

Boxed-in Flower tie (silk, 59.5 inches length, 3.5 inches width) by Italian luxury menswear designer Stefano Ricci.

best mens ties stefano ricci

Chambray tie by JCrew (Japanese cotton chambray, 2″ at widest point). This is our favorite of the bunch.

best mens ties jcrew

Chaps Cardiff Herringbone Tie (2.75 inches width). Silk tie with a microsized herringbone pattern.

best mens ties esquire

And last but not the least, here’s a woven silk tie by Theory (silk, width at 2 1/2″, and length at 57″).

best silk tie

So which of these ties is your favorite?

Best Mens Ties in the World and How to Tie a Tie (Video). Posted 18 September 2009. Updated 7 July 2011.