Best Mens Jackets? Take Your Pick, Dude!

Best Mens Jackets? Take Your Pick, Dude! Since we’re all about fall jackets for men this week, here’s a collection of fab jackets from talented fashion designers and menswear manufacturers. Which one of these is your favorite? Which one will you add to your closet?

Take your pick fellow fashion watchers! Are you going to pick this sports jacket by Converse? And you thought Converse is only about shoes, huh?

best mens jackets converse

Or this military-style jacket by Elie Tahari? The name may not be familiar to some of you but the Elie Tahari brand is known for its high-end luxury boutiques. Tahari is an Israeli-American designer who initially focused on women’s fashion but he has since expanded his clothing line to include menswear like the stylish coat below.

best mens jackets elie tahari

What about this rocking stiff-collared jacket from the Alexander McQueen collection? The talented designer may have passed away last February but his designs will outlive us all. If your work outlives you, that’s the best testament to your talent and how you fulfilled your life’s potential. Long live, Alexander McQueen!

best mens jackets alexander mcq

And this Phillip Lim creation? We’d like to think of Philip Lim as a truly international fashion designer: He is Cambodian-American who is born in Thailand and is of Chinese descent. Can anyone be more international than that? His outfits are sold in 400 stores worldwide across 45 countries.

best mens jackets philip lim

Or are you going to chose this jacket by Z Zegna? Zegna continues to produce elegant men’s fashion like the sporty jacket below.

best mens jackets by zzegna

So did you pick a favorite from any of the above? Or are they solid looks but are basic and uninspiring? If you want more men’s jackets, you might want to check out these double breasted coats for men.

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