Best in Underwear Trophy For Male Athletes Modeling Underwear

Best in Underwear: Trophy For Male Athletes Modeling Underwear? If a male athlete in his underwear is “hawt”, do seven sports hunks in their undies make it “hawter” by sevenfold? Huh! What kind of silly nonsense question is that? Who cares about the mathematics of “hawtness” if you’re looking at seven men in their underwear. Just appreciate the view. Hehe. Silly question indeed.

best in underwear male athletes modeling underwear matt shirvington

Anyhoo, looking at the above photo of retired Australian sprinter Matt Shirvington on top of a horse with nothing but his underwear made us go, “Wow! We wonder if other athletes were brave enough to do something like what Matt is doing?” An hour of Googling, Binging, and Yahooing made it clear that the answer is a Big Fat No! We can’t find any other photo of a male athlete who is brave and adventurous enough to do a similar thing. But we did find these photos of six sports stars in their underwear which we are sharing with you. Thank us in the comments. And tell us about your pick as to who will win a “Best in Underwear” trophy.

Does Australian boxer Garth Wood, seen below in his Calvin Klein briefs during a pre-fight weigh-in, deserve the trophy? Garth earns lots of props from us for excelling in two sports; apparently, he was a rugby player before he turned to boxing.

best in underwear garth wood ck briefs

Or should the trophy go to British-Filipino football player Neil Etheridge, seen here modeling for a brand called Folded and H*ng?

best in underwear neil etheridge folded and hung

Our friend Kevin states that, if the decision is his alone to make, he will award the trophy to English rugby player James Haskell. With his muscles and all, we can easily see why Kevin is lovin’ him his James. Like Neil above, James is modeling an underwear brand – Aussiebum. [Want more Aussiebum Male Underwear Models?]

best in mens underwear model james haskell

Clearly, athletes make the best underwear models. Here’s German football star Mario Gomez in an ad campaign for Hugo Boss. Apparently, this German luxury fashion label also makes chic men’s underwear. We mostly identify it with stylish men’s suits [see Hugo Boss Suits for Men] but its other menswear outfits are pretty good as well.

best mens underwear model mario gomez

Another footballer who modeled underwear is Italy’sClaudio Marchisio who’s seen below being prepped for a photoshoot for Dolce & Gabbana. Unfortunately, we don’t have the photo advert to see how the shoot turned out but we do have a similar print advert featuring Italian Male Swimmers in Dolce Gabbana Underwear.

best in underwear male model claudio marchisio

Last but not the least of our group of underwear-wearing sports hunks who deserve consideration in any “Best in Underwear” contest would be this unnamed cyclist rocking his Under Armour.

If you know who this guy is, do tell us his name in the comments so we can properly identify him.

That’s it for now, fellow Famewatchers. Tschuz! Oh, by the way, we think the guy who deserves the coveted “Best in Underwear” trophy is Matt Shirvington. No one can best a guy without clothes on a horse with no saddle. But that’s us. What’s your take?

Best in Underwear Trophy For Male Athletes Modeling Underwear. Posted 23 September 2012.