Best High Heel Shoes in the World: Can You Run in Them?

Best High Heel Shoes For Women. Question: What is the best high-heeled shoes in the world? Answer: The shoes that wins the Race on Heels competition in Paris!

best high heel shoes for women

Seriously girls, have you ever tried running in high heels? Because if you are an expert at it, you might want to compete in the “Race on Heels” where women are asked to run on heels above 7 centimetres on a 50-metre track. We encourage Tom Cruise to encourage his wife high heels-loving wife Katie Holmes to join the race.

By the way, if you are wondering about the bad effects of high heels, this post on Victoria Beckham’s bunion troubles will give you the answer.


Speaking of best high heel shoes, fashion writer Charla Krupp made a list of high heels that don’t hurt four years ago in 2006. We think what she says about these shoes are still very relevant today. Here are her picks and why she picked them:

kate spade new york’s Karolina Pump: This is reportedly the best stilleto out there because its very comfortable. It’s rounded toes gives your feet more room to breathe. This glossy leather pump is made in Italy and comes in various colors. Our favorite, which wouldn’t surprise Deena, is this red one.

best high heel shoes karolina pump kate spade

Cole Haan “Tivona” Air Slings in Black Patent Leather: Also in Charla’s list of the best high heels is this Tivona Air Sling shoes by Cole Haan. Why does she (and we) like this one? Because it incorporates Nike’s “Air Sole” technology with your fabulous designer heels. The result? A comfortable and sexy shoes for the ladies.

best high heel shoes for women tivona air slings

Aerosoles “Sleigh Thread”: At less than a hundred bucks (we saw it on sale at US$ 29.99), this is one of the best buys out there. Why does Charla like this? Here’s what she said:

Rubber soles are more flexible than hard leather, and they grip the floor, which ups your comfort level. Also, there’s a diamond-patterned sole which distributes your weight, and even the leather dying is done in a special way that adds more flexibility.

The Sleigh Thread by Aerosoles is proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have gorgeous shoes.

best high heel shoes for women sleigh thread shoes

Easy Spirit’s “Edrie” by Tara Subkoff: Actress/fashion designer Tara Subkoff sure knows her shoes so its not a surprise that Easy Spirit collaborated with her the result of which is the well-reviewed Edrie. Charla described this as the “best for comfort in all categories”.

best high heel shoes for women edrie easy spirit

That’s it for now, shoe-watchers. Hope this helped you in your quest to find the best high heeled shoes for you.

Best High Heel Shoes For Women. Posted 9 January 2010. Updated 3 June 2017.