Benjamin Patterson Shirtless: Gay or Straight?

Benjamin Patterson Shirtless Photos. Who is this beautiful black man with the world’s most perfect six pack washboard abs? His name, fellow clueless Famewatcher, is Benjamin Patterson. He is an actor, model, and photographer.

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Oh, like Tye White, Benjamin Patterson has also been cast in the upcoming OWN television series Greenleaf which means we will be watching more of him.

Hopefully he’ll be having lots of shirtless scenes because a body like his deserves to be seen. Hehehe.

benjamin patterson gay or straight - greenleaf

Is Benjamin Patterson Gay or Straight? He is gay. And apparently he is married. In this interview with the James and Heather Show, he mentions that he and his husband just had a baby who is now three months old. He tells us more about his husband in the video. Watch:

Here’s another Benjamin Patterson shirtless photo where he is modeling Rufskin short shorts.

benjamin patterson rufskin short shorts

Hey, is Benjamin Patterson the first out black actor? We can’t think of any other out gay actor. First name that came to mind is RuPaul but he is more of a performer/personality than an actor, right? If you know of any out gay black actors, please mention them in the comments. [Oops. Our bad. We are having a senior moment. We actually wrote a post on black gay actors.]

Look at them perfect abs.

benjamin patterson shirtless

How does he get to have a body like that? He tells us in this interview with the Giant Life:

Giant: How many times a week do you train and exercise?

Ben: I work out probably between four to five days a week with no more than 45 minutes each day. I don’t have enough time in the gym. As far as right now though, if there was a project like Will Smith did with Ali, where he had to put on 40 or so pounds, and if there is that situation where I need to bulk up a bit or get more cuts, then absolutely I’ll do that but as it is right now, between music and everything else going on–between 30 and 45 minutes, I’ve got it done. And it’s a combination of lifting and swimming, so I stay… I stay loose.

If only our hubby works out like this guy. Hehe.

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