Ben Cura Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Gay or Girlfriend?

Ben Cura Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend. Famewatchers, meet our new imaginary beau. His name is Ben Cura. He is an Argentine-born British actor and director who stars in The Royals. Here are some screencaps of the guy from the E! TV series:

ben cura shirtless and underwear - the royals

ben cura shirtless underwear - the royals

What a cutie!!! He looks so innocent, eh? Like a sinless choirboy. Want more Hot Latino Men like our Ben?

ben cura shirtless

Oh wait, he’s hiding a girl on his bed! You’re not looking so innocent now, are you Ben?

ben cura shirtless and underwear - the royals2

Let’s take a closer at this Ben Cura shirtless photo, shall we? Can you ID the brand of the underwear he is wearing? We tried to but we can’t find any clue.

ben cura underwear royals

Is Ben Cura Gay or Straight? He is quite straight according to the internet voters of Here’s their gaydar score for the man: “According to 10 visitors Ben Cura is 51% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Ben Cura is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.”

We don’t know of course whether the above is correct. Anyhoo, whether he is gay or straight IRL, Ben Cura has played a closeted gay dude in the London version of the award-winning play Next Fall by Geoffrey Nauffts. Here’s Ben (rightmost) and the rest of the cast:

ben cura gay in next fall

Ben Cura Girlfriend? Does he have a girlfriend or boyfriend (if he is gay)? Is he dating anyone at the moment? We gotta admit that we don’t have the answers to this. We’ll update when we have the info. Hehe.

Now, what we find most interesting about Ben Cura is the fact that he directed a film called Creditors which has bagged awards and nominations in small indie festivals such as The IndieFest Film Awards, the Anchorage International Film Festival, the Nordic International Film Festival, and the Queens World Film Festival.

It is not a commercial project so it is unlikely that this directorial debut will be shown in mainstream theaters so we are hoping Netflix will pick it up for distribution or that it gets shown in a film festival near us. We are also looking forward to watching him on Marcella once Netflix starts showing it. Yay!

2020 Update on Ben’s Girlfriend. Apparently, our Argentine hunk was dating Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko but the two have recently split up. Ben’s exes also include American actress Andrea Deck; they divorced in 2015. Here’s a photo of Ben and Olga back to when they were still together.

ben cura girlfriend

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