Ben Cohen and Jason Cundy are Underwear Buddies Against Cancer

Ben Cohen Jason Cundy: Underwear Buddies Against Cancer. Rugby superstar Ben Cohen and former footballer Jason Cundy (a testicular cancer survivor) stripped down on a television show four years ago to promote male cancer awareness.

Yeah, yeah we know we’re late blogging about this but raising public awareness on male cancer is an ongoing battle so this remains relevant. Right? Right! We’re gonna bop you if you’re going to say that you’re more interested in Ben’s and Jason’s boxers underwear. Seriously!

Anyhoo, here are TV screencaps from Ben and Jason’s TV appearance:

ben cohen and jason cundy testicular cancer survivor4

Who says boxer shorts are not sexy? Certainly not Ben and Jason. In fact, there is a classic sexiness to white boxer shorts. Right?

ben cohen and jason cundy underwear buddies

Props to these guys for using their fame to promote public awareness for something important. May their campaigns and projects be successful.

ben cohen jason cundy underwear boxer shorts


Video: Ben Cohen and Jason Cundy – Cancer Campaign (04 March 2009). Okay, we didn’t realize that a lot of you are interested in Ben Cohen and Jason Cundy’s male cancer awareness campaign.

Here’s the video version of the photos we uploaded earlier. Message to all men whether young or old: get yourself tested for cancer. Apparently, testicular, penile, and prostate cancer are more common than we think they are.


Ben Cohen and Jason Cundy as Underwear Buddies Against Cancer. We decided to update this post after we came across these photos of Ben and Jason in their boxer shorts. As you can see, the images are much better than the TV screencaps we published years ago.

ben cohen jason cundy underwear buddies for cancer

Eight years later, we are still loving and appreciating Ben Cohen and buddy Jason Cundy.

ben cohen jason cundy in boxer shorts

Hmmm, do you think these guys are still hairy and unshaved? Are we the only ones hoping that they kept themselves natural and didn’t resort to some male body waxing?

Ben Cohen and Jason Cundy are Underwear Buddies Against Cancer. Posted 2 March 2009. Updated 12 May 2017.