Belstaff Leather Pants for Men: Wet-Look Leather Trousers

Belstaff Leather Pants for Men: Wet-Look Leather Trousers. Check out wet-look liquid leather pants by Belstaff. It kinda reminds us of the Lindsay Lohan-designed leather pants we blogged about earlier.

belstaff leather pants for men

Anyhoo, what do you think of the above Belstaff leather pants or Belstaff fashion in general? They’re kinda expensive but they are also known for their quality. So its no wonder that we see a lot of them Belstaff outfits worn by your favorite celebrities in the movie screens as well as on the the small screen.

Let’s check out the various men’s leather pants coming from the Belstaff fashion house these past few years. These next two leather trousers are from the design house’s Fall/Winter Menswear Collection.

It’s a shiny and kind of loose leather pants, baby!

belstaff leather pants for fall and winter

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Are you a fan of wet-look or liquid leather pants? We like them if they are worn by women. We are not sure if they look good among men. What do you think?

belstaff leather pants for men winter collection

For the next season, the creative forces behind Belstaff continue to make shiny leather-based menswear. Who says men can’t wear leather pants bluer than the sky? It’s a sparkly neon leather! These one’s are from the Belstaff Spring/Summer Mens Leatherwear Collection.

belstaff leather pants for spring summer

We are loving the blue leather jacket. On the other hand, we don’t like the above blue leather pants at all.

belstaff leather pants for men - spring summer

Lastly, the designers for Belstaff leather pants came up with these which, incidentally, are our favorites because they’re totally wearable. We like clothes which look good on us but which do not call attention to themselves and these outfits below totally pass that test.

mens belstaff leather pants

boys belstaff leather pants

What about you? Which of the above Belstaff leather pants do you like the best? For more men’s leather pants, check out these skinny DSquared Leather Pants as well as these Burberry Leather Pants For Men.

Belstaff Leather Pants for Men: Wet-Look Leather Trousers posted 2 August 2010. Updated 3 April 2017.