Belmont Cameli Shirtless, Girlfriend, Saved By The Bell

Belmont Cameli Shirtless, Girlfriend, Saved By The Bell. Okay, Famewatchers, anyone of you watching Saved By The Bell on Peacock? We gotta admit that we still have to check out the reboot but our niece Sheila is a big fan of the show. Oh, and she’s got a crush on one of the actors too! Initially, when she told us that she has a crush on one of the guys, we thought she is referring to Mitchell Hoog who we blogged about a year ago. It turns out that she is actually crushing on this curly-haired dude.

belmont cameli shirtless body

Can’t say she doesn’t have good taste. Haha. For those of you who, like us, have yet to watch the sitcom, Sheila’s crush is Belmont Cameli. He plays Jamie Spano who is described on wikipedia as “the not-so-bright captain of the Bayside football team and Jessie’s sensitive man-child son”.

In real life, Belmont also played football but you can’t say that he is not-so-bright considering that he attended Naperville North High School which is, apparently, a very competitive public school.

belmont cameli yearbook Naperville North High School

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, here’s what the actor says about how he compares with the character he plays: “I was a wide receiver. Jamie plays quarterback, but he’s pretty lackluster. I was also kind of a lousy quarterback. They would let me play JV on Saturday mornings, and my big claim to fame was that I threw a touchdown on accident. I missed the receiver I was aiming for so bad that I hit another one, but we still scored. That was kind of cool. But I think the similarities end there. Jamie is not a super-involved academic, and I took my studies pretty seriously.”

The actor is fairly new in the acting biz and, in fact, he has only starred in 5 movies/TV shows according to his IMDB page. Saved By The Bell is his first major acting gig and, prior to joining the sitcom, he appeared in an episode of Empire and in a TV movie called The Husband. Meantime, he has two upcoming projects, Along For The Ride and Most Guys Are Losers. Anyhoo, here’s Belmont with two of his Saved By The Bell co-stars Josie Totah and Mitchell Hoog:

belmont cameli saved by the bell with josie totah and mitchell hoog

Belmont Cameli Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He is straight but we do not know whether he is seeing anyone at the moment. But here’s Belmont with a girl he went to prom with. We initially thought it’s a wedding pic but it is not. We will update this post when we find out anything about the actor’s relationship status.

belmont cameli girlfriend or date

Belmont Cameli Modeling Photos. Not unexpectedly, given how hawt the guy is, the actor has done some modeling before he joined the acting biz. He modeled for top brands too such as 2xist Underwear and Abercrombie.

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belmont cameli underwear 2xist briefs

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belmont cameli shirtless

belmont cameli modeling photos

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