Most Beautiful Men of the World 2016: Male Beauty Pageant Hunks

Where do you find the most beautiful men of the world? You find them in male beauty pageants, of course. And, like female beauty pageants, there are tons of male beauty contests out there. There’s Mister World, Mr. Universe, Mr. Model, Mr. Tourism, and the best of them all would be Mr. Gorgeous Pretty Beauty. Okay, the last one is a joke. There’s really no Mr. Gorgeous Pretty Beauty although, if Mad TV is still on, we believe we can convince Ms. Swan to hold a Mr. Gorgeous Pretty Beauty Nail Salon contest. Hehe.

But anyhoo, here are some of the most beautiful men in the world in 2015 and 2016.

Bryan Weber is Mr. International France 2015.


Eduardo Ferreira Mocelim is the winner of Mister Model International Mexico.

most beautiful men - mr model intl - Eduardo Ferreira Mocelim - Mexico2

Muzammil Ibrahim. Since it is #throwbackwednesday, let’s include this photo of Indian hunk Muzammil Ibrahim who was one of the most beautiful men of India (and of the world of course). He won a Manhunt beauty pageant contest in 2003 and went on to gain recognition as a Bollywood actor. However, to us here at Famewatcher, his most important achievement is the fact that he saved an elderly woman from drowning. Not anyone can say you saved a life, no? Muzammil was awarded the 2008 “Godfrey Phillips National Bravery Awards” for his life-saving act of bravery.


Kilber Gutierrez is Mister Globe Honduras 2015.


What do you think of our Most Beautiful Men of the World so far? Next in our list is:

Anderson Tomazini. Anderson is Mr. Mundo Brazil 2015. He went on to represent his country in the Mister World 2015 male beauty pageant contest.


Rabih El Zein. He represented Lebanon in the Mr. Model International 2015 contest.

handsome hunks - mr model intl - Rabih El Zein - Lebanon22

Zin Min Htet of Myanmar represented his country in Mister World 2015.

most beautiful men of the world - MYANMAR - Zin Min Htet2

Nihad Quliyev represented Azerbaihan in the Mister International Contest 2015.

most beautiful men of the world - Nihad Quliyev - azerbaijan2

Pedro Mendez. This Swiss male beauty pageant contestant brought home the title of Mr. International 2015 which he won in Manila, Philippines.


Nguyen Van Son. The last but not the least in our list of Most Beautiful Men of the World is Vietnamese hottie Nguyen Van Son. He beat all his international rivals to the Mister Global 2015 throne when he won early this year.


So who is your favorite Most Beautiful Men in the World?